China is one of the largest countries in the world located in Southeast Asia along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean; China is the world’s third largest country, after Russia and Canada. With an area of 9.6 million square kilometers and a coastline of 18,000 kilometers.

China is so beautiful and natural, there is a saying; just as there is PARADISE in HEAVEN and down below there are SUZHOU and HANGZHOU (cities in the eastern of china).

China has over 2000 universities and colleges, with a high education level in both English and Chinese language. They so many courses offered in China like medicine, language, civil engineering and much more in fact you can meet any of your dreams here in china. The next question might be how to get admitted into these special universities? They are so many answers to these questions.



The first is through CUCAS (CHINA’S UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE ADMISSION SYSTEM),is an official online portal for students abroad who want to study in China. Ita��s a very known and helpful program that helps you in your application pathway into china universities. It gives you all information you need and gives you someone to keep in touch with you and answer all questions you have. They are a link between you and the university, when you being help with this program you are hoping for the best. You only need to sign up for this program on www.cucas.edu.cnA�create an account, you will know more about this, or send an email on service@cucas.cn or skype;cucas.Am sure it will be much easier for your application process.

The second is applying through an agency, you can select the agent by asking the university you want to join to suggest you one or search on the internet. The agency provides services like answers the questions you have during your application process, gives you a study plan of abroad, deposits your documents , reserves accommodation for you, picks you at the airport and helps in the visa application in all these ways they charge some amount of money depending on the services provided, but it’s not very easy to know the proper and legal agency to help you apply because many agencies claim to be legal while they are illegal but there is a way you can be sure that your general agent is legal, you can be helped by CUCASA� because you are sure that this program is official you can ask them to suggest you legal agencies and you can get one through them.

The third way is to apply by yourself, you can search the universities on internet, see their rankings and see if they are approved by the Ministry of Education to admit international students, and if they have the course you want, and you can keep in touch with someone in the international office and follow the steps he gives you during application though the chance of being admitted they are not high because you don’t know much about what the university requires and much more the set up of the universities.

The Fourth; it’s much more easier when you have a friend or a relative in china that will help you choose the right for you university and to deposit your documents, pick you at the airport and help you for visa application, but if you dona��t, the above mentioned ways can help youA� get into the china universities.



China’s teaching program is good and so much easier to adapt. The class rooms are nice and well equipped. They have projectors, computers, speakers and black boards to help the professors experience their teaching materials and cameras for security; they also have air conditioners to help you in different seasons like summer and winter.

Laboratories are well equipped for different courses, people who are taking computer science, their computer laboratories are well equipped, a studenta��s sits on his own computer, for those doing electronics the same applies the materials needed are all there and me who is doing medicine my laboratories are well equipped, every student has his microscope, computer and you do your practicala��s alone, the anatomy lab all things are the, the skeleton, different parts of the body to observe,practicals on different animals like rabbits, rats and frogsA� to help you practice what you are learning and understand more thus training you to be someone better in the future.

Those who take language as their courses, ita��s much easier because they get many professors from different countries depending on the language they are taking; For example my university students who take French they get professors from France and help them improve their language and their accents.

The class has around 1oo students but its divided into subclass into order to help you s understand. They some courses you take as the whole class and some that you take in your sub classes. Teachers vary and are good. Their English is good and you understand what they are teaching and communication between the professor and students is good. Professors vary according to what topic your being taught and they are some professors that visit from different countries like United States of America, Australia, and Europe.

They give you guidelines, exercises, homeworks to help you understand more each lesson. The professors make summary for important points from the text books used to simplify your work and help you revise. At the end of the chapter you can directly ask questions to your teachers or send an e-mail or text for more inquiries.

In classes you form discussion groups, they help you share your experience and widen your mind, help each other and understand more from your friends and it becomes much easier for your revision.

Chinese language now ranks the first language widely spoken and it comes after English as strong language now. It so much interesting with its artistic nature, anyone would desire to learn this language though many try in their countries but dona��t get the right pronunciation then here you get to know a lot from this language, anyone would like to know NI HAO (How are you), WO HEN HAO (AM VERY FINE), ZAI JIAN (GOOD BYE) and many other words and this time when you go back home you will not only knowA�A�A�A� A�a�?a�� MADE IN CHINAa��a�� but their language too.

Library, the library is too big and all most each department has ita��s library. In my university the school of medicine has its library, the school of pharmaceutical sciences has ita��s library and so other many faculties and there is a huge library that contains all books. Separating libraries of different major helps you to get books easily and there is much silence while reading. And there are some inspiring novels that help you relax your mind before or after reading your text books.



Universities have all the necessary needs a student can need within the school, these include; dormitories, dinning halls,restaurants,banks or ATMS, super markets and some have hospitals for emergency and when someone catches a cold. They so many activities that take place in the universities that keep you going and strengthen your social life in the university.

Dormitories; Dorms are located near the teaching buildings for safety and short distance from classes to dorms about 10 minutes or 15 minutes depending on how big the university is. In dormitories, rooms are occupied by two people, you and your roommate from any country.

You can also pay for a single room if you want or if you have some special reasons that can make you not have a roommate. The rooms are well equipped, two beds, two wardrobes, water dispenser, two desks for studies, mirror, and cup boards to help you keep your materials and two shoe shelves, and a bath room.

There is a public kitchen too, on each floor with materials to use, hot plates, cooking pans, microwave and fridge and you can buy and keep your kitchen materials too.

Near the dorms there are two places to do your laundry, one is a place with washing machines and you can do the laundry by yourself and another they are people responsible who do your laundry and come to pick it after and pay you can choose which way to do it the price is the same almost 0.64USD per round.

DINNING HALLS; within the university there are different dining halls with different dishes, one provides Chinese food. You can have all types of food here in china, rice, noodles, vegetables likeA� cabbages, mushrooms, cucumber, egg plants and many other and you can get all types of meat like pork,beef,chicken,fish and other many types and for those who don’t eat meat you can get TOFU.

RESTAURANTS; they are different restaurants around universities, like Korean restaurant, indian restaurant, Muslim restaurant (for people who lawful (halal) drinks and food)

BANK; they are banks in or near theA� universityA� that are open up to 16′hour and ATM are open 24/7.These banks have western union, money gram can be easier for you to get money from them when your parents send you.

Super markets; they have all the necessaries and everything you might needs like all drinks Juice,milk,yoghurt,beverages,ice creams and food and other needs like sanitary pads, they are open from 7’00hr to 23’00hr there is a fruit store and book store and some bakeries too.

For snacks or when you want to eat from the universities’ dining hall or from the restaurants there other choices to make MC Donald, KFC (like MC Donald), SUB WAY and GrandMaa��s Kitchen and some many.

The most part here is that you cannot starve in China, all kinds of food you can get them and on a good price. Life is easy and not expensive in china because you get what you want and any quality you want on a good price.

Living Expenses; There is an option too if you don’t want to live on campus or if you are finding accommodation on your campus expensive or not equipped as you want .There are apartments near the school, 100USD and more per month it depends on what can kind you want. They are some with full deposits( furniture, water despenser,Television,Fridge and kitchen materials) and some with a bed room and bath room only or bed room,kitchen,and bath room it depends on how deep are your pockets and what you want.You pay for water and electricity bills at the end of the month.

ENTERTAINMENT; Life in the university is very interesting. You get to meet many people from different countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Mongolia, Australia, Africa, France, Saudi Arabia, America and all other parts of the world. You get to learn new cultures, new languages, new religions, and much more interesting. Every year all universities have cultural festival, that all countries participate in and show their cultures, dances, songs, Different food from different country, and languages.

The university has play grounds including basket ball, foot ball, tennis ball and other games like ping pong, swimming and a gym that helps you in exercising your body and much more.

UNIVERSITY TRIP; every semester the university organizes a trip to different places of china for new students to know and travel around china. You pay little money around 3.60USD,free buses come to pick from school and bring you back.

TRANSPORT; the university is too big, and sometimes you need to buy a bicycle or an E-Bike for transportation around the campus from one place to another. Within the school there are buses and mini buses that help you move from one place to another and transportation fee is too cheap. Around the area you are in there are buses if you want to travel and taxis, transportation in china is not a problem. From one city to another you can take a metro, train or an aero plane depending on what you want.

SECURITY; the university has a police department with many policemen. Any solve any case that comes in like accidents in the university and much more. During the night all departments are given a policeman to watch over and during the night the police car and motor bike passes around the university reminding you to watch over and to carry your identity cards and student cards with you. The dorms have matrons to monitor all the movements and they leave at 23a��00hr.After this the gate to our dorms is closed and only students can enters because they can open with their student cards, so the security is well assured so no intruder can enter. People walk outside 24/7, you can be in your class revising and come anytime because ita��s safe.

RELIGION; China is a free country and people have freedom in the country, the freedom of worship they have it too. There is a church for Christians, Saturday Catholics pray and Sunday all Christians gather and pray too. There is a mosque too, Muslims too pray on Friday and another time of their prayers.

MY OWN EXPERIENCE; I live in the dormitories with a Korean roommate, and I think ita��s cool having a roommate because you get to learn a lot from each other and make different friends. I usually eat from the university dining hall and change restaurants so that I dona��t get fed up of the food and I cook sometimes when I miss my homeland food and when I want to save more money.

I do my laundry twice a week by taking them to the people responsible and pick them after an hour.

I save money by shopping what I need for the whole month, like tissue papers, washing soap, sugar , tea ,sanitary pads , jam , fruits , and other necessaries, and then use the rest of moneyA� I use it but knowing that I have all the primary needs.

I usually read in my room because dorms are so quiet, but sometimes when I have discussion groups I go in classes so that I dona��t bother my roommate, and I use library most of the time because you can find every book in the library and ita��s open from 8a��00hr to 22a��00hr.

I dona��t like walking with a lot of money so that I dona��t waste it, I keep my money in the bank and withdraw because I have a reason and plan for it so that I use my money appropriate and save some.

My life is going smooth here and is liking it, I like people around me because they are so friendly, nice, understanding and helpful. There is nothing to regret here in china.

CONCLUSION; To be honest I like China and I so much enjoy my studies and life in China too have experienced a lot I have became response and I have learnt a lot like interacting with different people from different countries and have learnt this interesting language called CHINESE, I have learnt to balance my life and how to prepare Chinese dishes,I appreciate and value the fact that am in China, I learnt and am still learning. Once you go China you never look back….

Anatomy laboratory

Anatomy laboratory


International teaching building

A�International teaching building noscript viraga.


Library and school of management

Library and School of Management



Me in the university yard

A�Me in the University yard



view from dorms to medical school

View from dorms to medical school



Author Details:

Name: Muhuza Marie Parfaite Uwimana

Nationality: Rwanda

University: Zhejiang University

Major: MBBS.