How to get to the university from the airport

There are many options to get to the university from the airport such as:

a�? Taxi

You can take a taxi and show your admission notice to the taxi driver and he will take you to the university, it cost around 140 RMB.(a?�a?�c��?S�a��a��)

a�? Airport shuttle bus

You can buy a ticket for the Airport shuttle bus from the airport it cost 16 RMB, and you should take the bus which is going to ZHONG GUAN CUN (a?�a�???�) destination. The bus is going to many stops and the nearest place to our university is called BAO FU SI QIAO i??a??c�?a?????, A�so make sure that you take the bus which is going to ZHONG GUAN CUN, then you can take a taxi to get to the university, it cost around 20 RMB.

a�? CUCAS picking up service

Pick-Up Service is provided by CUCAS, designed to offer you an easy journey from Airport to the university.
CUCAS Pick-Up Service will clear all your worries. CUCAS staff will meet you at the arrival area of Airport, holding a sign with YOUR NAME and the CUCAS LOGO. Additionally, CUCAS have register service for Beijing students. All you have to do is to book flights and let us know your itinerary.
For the fee and more info please see >>

BUS around USTB

Near to the west gate you will find CHENG FU LU KOU NAN station.

There areA�three south gates the nearest gate to the bus station is the third gate that station is called XUE YUAN QIAO DONG station.

Near to the north gate you will find BEIJING KEJI DAXUE BEI MEN station.

But there is no bus station near to east gate.

The bus ticket will cost 1 RMB or 2 RMB. If you have the bus card, it will take 60% off, learn more>>

Subway around USTB

There are many subway stations near to the university if you want to walk to reach them it will not take more than 30 min, or you can take a bus from the stops we mentioned before. Just take the bus which is going to WU DAO KOU station or the one which is going to XUE ZHI QIAO NAN station or XUE ZHI QIAO BEI station. WU DAO KOU subway station is for subway line 13. XUE ZHI QIAO NAN subway station and XUE ZHI QIAO BEI subway station is for subway line 10. The subway ticket cost 2 RMB. (You can use the bus card here, but no discount)

You have to know the name of the station that you have to get off then you go to the bus station and look for the bus which is going to that station and you will go to the place that you want easily.

Places around USTB

Shopping mall

Our campus has two WU MART supermarkets you will find one in front of the Basketball Court and the other one is in the other side behind the Football Court. A�If you are in the west gate you just turn right and walk for 10 min and cross the road to left side and you will find CHAO SHI FA supermarket on your right hand, also near to the east gate there is WU MRT HypertMart you just turn left from the east gate and walk to the road crossing then turn right and walk about 5 min and you will find the HypertMart on your right hand side. In WU DAO KOU area there are shopping malls such as HUA LIAN CENTER (U CENTER) and other shops where you can buy clothes and other stuff. You can walk about 30 min to the left side form the north gate then you will reach WU DAO KOU area or you can go there by bus from any bus stop mentioned earlier.


Our campus has two multi floor Canteens the first one is beside the Bank of China it consists of four floors (there is a Muslim canteen on the third floor), the other canteen is behind the international studenta��s dormitory building no.4.

There are many restaurants around the university such as McDonald’s it is to the lift side from our north gate you just have to walk about 10 min and on the way you will find also other Chinese restaurants where you can enjoy the Chinese food.

A�Places for entertainment

On the left side of the east gate you will find a place to play Billiards also on the left side of the north gate you will find Billiards place, you just have to cross the road and walk about 5 min the you will find it on your right hand. WU DAO KOU area is a famous place where you can find many bars like LABAMBA, HELENS and other bars and night clubs.
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If you are going out the easiest way to reach the place that you want to go is to use the Chinese search engine a�?BAIDUa�? ( and search the name of the place and how to go there then you will find all the information that you need such as which bus number you have to take and in which station you should get off also how long time your destination will take and other information.