I.A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� walmart-pharmacy-drug-list. Application Experience

Living in the world of globalization anyone would desire to study abroad, to exchange culture differences and gain new friends and advanced knowledge in a specific field. As for me the first feelings were above mentioned. I was always interests to know about other countries education system, the way how they deliver class to audience, because I plan to work in education field and I consider it important to study abroad and apply gained knowledge as an innovative aspect to my home countrya��s education system. For that reason I tried to find some scholarship opportunities abroad. Based on agreement between China and National University of Tajikistan which I graduated my bachelora��s degree from, advanced students who are able to go through examination process successfully, would have a chance to study in China. Based on this regulation I went through selection process by giving exam in Embassy of China based in Tajikistan. There were many students who applied for getting this scholarship. The main criteria for getting this scholarship was being able to speak English fluently as the Masters program which had been offered as a scholarship for students were supposed to be held in English language, accordingly candidatea��s background had to be match with applying major for masters degree. As I did my bachelor in finance major I found suitable to Enterprise management major. After giving exams I had been selected successfully for full Chinese government scholarship. I was so excited to be awarded with this scholarship because as we know China with its leading economy is famous all over the world and I would have more advantage in future to know Chinese culture, language and experiences.

The only difficulties for me were the process of searching the suitable scholarship. I think there is less advertisement system for delivering scholarship opportunities to students who prefer to study abroad. Only by contacting university and embassy I got to know about this scholarship opportunity. Moreover, as we know advertisement is the initial source that helps to deliver to customers what have, if we relate this issue to education system, by advertising scholarships recruiter would have more chance with high probably of awarding scholarship to those students who really deserves it so that home country could get better results and innovation from a student sent abroad to learn educational system and teaching techniques. Hereby, I think that it would be more sufficient if in future advertisement in education system could be strengthened. Because of the lack of talented people whom government wouldna��t be able to identify because mostly scholarships are not officially advertised or announced at universities. Hence, advertisement would be an essential tool to select worthy applicants for the offered scholarships so that they could return back to their countries and apply learned knowledge in their home countries. I think in globalization are the exchange of knowledge is very essential, hence governments are increasing number of scholarships for developing countries so that they could apply all the policy and education system to their home countries.


II.A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Study Experience

Being an overseas student in Beijing at University of Science and Technology Beijing, was one of the unforgettable and reach of adventures, experience in educational field for me. After taking courses related to my major as Enterprise Management I observed that educational system compared to my country differs a lot. The teaching style starting from techniques to the course content differs a lot, especially I found differences on delivering the class to audiences. Chinese professors mostly forward students to group work or individual works. At first side it looked not that much efficient in my eyes. Because my initial opinion was limited only on teachers experiences and the idea that students can do much more better job individually seems far away from successful results at the end. But later on when I started to work on my individual assignments or team works I got more experience and knowledge compared to those theoretical ways of teaching methods that I was used to back in my home country.

My idea does not mean that we need to pay less attention to the theoretical way of delivering the class to audience. Theoretical background plays significant roles in once educational growths. But we learn theory in order to solve upcoming problems by using theory in practical ways and find out better solutions for any problem. Though the teaching methods are different from my home country, I wouldna��t consider that excellent, but good. A�Hereby, the teaching style in my mastera��s program was mostly forwarded to applying theory to practice which resulted very indeed in gaining and strengthening knowledge.

Concerning examination process I would not say it was hard. Because mostly we had difficulties in implementation of team works or personal works which were given by teachers. For some subjects we have spent almost whole teaching period on implementing group work. While working on group works we faced lack of support from some of the teachers and mostly all the steps were done by students. By my opinion, it would be more effective in terms of implementation of group works while teachers could show and do the sample of projects for students in the process of delivering class.

Overall, exam processes were not difficult, it was basically brought from what we have been taught in class but anyway we worried and prepared in advance, went through presentations and reviewing the related books. The exam process was open book and closed book. In my country we do not have open book exam process and first time when I heard about it I was wondering that what would be the sense of taking exam if we can use any material. But when it came to face the open book exam, I would not call it open book anymore, because although you can use book or other materials but still the exam questions that need to be answered could not be found in books. Mostly exam questions were based on personal point of view and ability or idea for solving any cases related to business or economics.

I appreciated mostly in Chinese education style the way that every individuala��s point of view is considered important. Some teachers are really good in motivation. They always encourage students opinion on specific problem in class discussions, no matter how much close to reality is their idea. I would appreciate to see this encouragement policy in all teachers. Because for any problem I dona��t think that there would be only one solution, accordingly peoplea��s ideas differ based on their imagination and abilities. Hence, by my opinion persuasion to the correctness of opinion is a great tool to get the problems done and make students or audience more attractive to class and increase their performances.

Generally, I found my second home here in USTB. It was because of these many positive aspects that I desired to continue my studies in China especially in USTB. Hereby, after graduating my mastera��s degree successfully, I applied for the Chancellor scholarship which was offered by USTB. Fortunately, I had been accepted for this scholarship, and currently studying my doctorate program. Doctorate program requires more efforts to fulfill tasks but I believe that as long as you have clearly stated up your goals, having related motivation aspect, you would achieve the desired results.


III.A�A�A�A�A� Life Experience

Pursuing my mastera��s degree in China had brought in my life many rich and bright experiences in terms of education and private life as well. Hence, I decided to continue my studies and currently doing my doctorate program in the same esteem university. Since early years I was thinking about studying abroad and while coming here besides having wonderful moments I used to face some difficulties in early stages of arrival. These difficulties were basically related to the lack of communication regarding language barriers, culture differences and adjustment to new environment also new taste of food. As my Chinese language level was low in early arrival year to china, I had problems with expressing myself in Chinese or finding the directions. I think it is natural because anyone who deals with the situation of living in a new environment, for sure faces difficulties related to cultural differences and language barriers.

But I think as long as there is a source of motivation for a person while living abroad, he or she would cope with any difficulties. For instance, based on my personal experience besides having so many difficulties at first site, however I was so much motivated and curious on successfully finishing masters program with high performance. Whenever I remembered my initial goal of completion of my program successfully, I had less time to think negatively about all the cultural barriers. Later on I enjoyed of being surrounded by people from different nationalities and enjoyed of communicating with Chinese people as well. Now Ia��m happy for being able to speak Chinese little bit and find easy way of communication with people of different nationalities.

Besides, I have high satisfaction with our teaching building. USTB has provided good facilities for foreigners; all good conditions were provided in our study building- Dongling School of management. If to talk about dining hall, there are many choices of food in our dining hall as well with affordable prices for students. Also location is suitable for both dormitory and study building. In our dormitory conditions are good as well. Overall, I consider our Universitya��s study building and dormitory conditions as a�?gooda�?. Concerning money issue, while I came here it was the first time in my life living my life on my own and managing all daily life routines.

Moreover, I came from a culture where people are not used on depositing their money too much. But in China people are hard working and mostly experienced in saving money by limiting their expenses in order to have some money for the a�?Black daya�? as one of my Chinese friend expressed himself. From the other hand, in my country people mostly enjoy life, spend even the last money to get what they want. With all this differences however, I was able to save little bit by limiting my expenses on secondary valued things. I decided to follow little bit Chinese way of living. It does not mean that I would have limits on my mostly desired things but I would cut expenses on secondary valued products. Eventually, I think that everyone needs to have some savings for being secure financially in life.

Besides all the above mentioned experiences, USTB originated for international student a tour, and based on these tours we had a chance to visit all the historical places in Beijing and become more aware of Chinaa��s rich history and the ancient backgrounds. For instance, we have been in one of the historical place – China Ethnic Museum. It was very attractive place indicating Chinese ancient life which we have experienced in one of the tours originated by International office.

There have been many other activities initiated by international office as Cultural festival. It is a special day and every year we celebrate it by cooking our countrya��s food, demonstrating traditional clothes, dances and believes. Below is the photo taken on cultural day and all of us from Tajikistan wore our traditional dresses and presented our culture and customs to visitors and referees.

I found this festival very interesting because we enjoy watching performances and dances from different countries, tasting different delicious food and sharing customs between each country. While living in one dormitory and sharing room and activities I think its important to get awareness of culture differences between nationalities and at the same time we have to forward our attitude to each other with respect considering and accepting once personal point of view, customs and traditions. In addition, there have been many other historical and famous places all over the world as Great Wall, and summer palace which international office center originated a free tour to these places. These were some of the encouragements from the university to students that I just mentioned, which made us to think about China in a different way, after being aware of its rich and not repeatable history in whole world.

For conclusion I just want to mention that a chance to study in Beijing for me it was so much beneficially from social, educational and many other aspects. University encouraged us mostly from all the sides, and the only step would be from student path to knock any doors for success. Hence, for me it was so much essential to my academic growth. As I graduated my mastera��s degree from USTB and currently pursuing my Doctorate program in the esteem same university, I consider myself extremely fortunate to study in this university and be surrounded by people with great attitude. Just hope that with my efforts and of course universitya��s professors, my doctorate program would be that much efficient and successful as my masters program.







Author Details:

Name: Shamsiya Kudratova

Nationality: Tajikistan

University: University of Science and Technology Beijing

Major: Management science and Engineering