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2013 Top 10 happiest cities in China You Should take a visit

2013 Top 10 happiest cities in China You Should take a visit

Qingdao remains China’s happiest city this year, according to the latest China Urban Competitiveness Ranking from Hong Kong-based China Institute of City Competitiveness (CICC). Hangzhou, a city of Zhejiang Province, and Huizhou, a city in Guangdong Province, also retained their respective second- and third-place rankings in 2013. The survey measured local residents of a given...

The Top 5 Chinese Universities in Chinese Language and Literature

China is the homeland of the most beautiful culture that has produced incredible pieces of literature. Many international students are interested in studying Chinese language and literature, so this article will provide you with the best choices of universities that would enable them to fulfill their educational dreams. If you are interested in studying Chinese...

Notice: Soochow University New Entry Requirements

Soochow University's Chinese Language and Literature bachelor's degree program changed a new entry requirement. Students who want apply Chinese Language and Literature required new HSK4 and high school graduate. The program's main courses are: An Outline of Chinese Culture, An Outline of Literature and Art, Ancient Chinese Language, Ancient Chinese, Contemporary Chinese language, Chinese Ancient...