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Peking University welcomes new international students

On August 30th and 31st, Peking UniversityA�welcomed 1,548A�overseas students from over 90 countries for the 2013 fall semester. Freshly enrolled students registered at Zhongguanyuan Global Village of Peking University.A� Among the new comers, there are 761 degree program students and 473 non-degree program students, as well as 164 pre-university program students and 150 for short-term...

The Top 5 Chinese Universities in Chinese Language and Literature

China is the homeland of the most beautiful culture that has produced incredible pieces of literature. Many international students are interested in studying Chinese language and literature, so this article will provide you with the best choices of universities that would enable them to fulfill their educational dreams. If you are interested in studying Chinese...
2 China's universities listed among most beautiful universities

2 China’s universities listed among most beautiful universities

Xiamen University and Peking UniversityA�are listed among the most beautifulA�universities. The list, a�?15 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Universities Revealed,a�? also includes the University of Oxford,A�Cambridge. Let’s see the pretty campus view. Peking University The unique aspect of this campus is its locationa��the former Qing Dynasty royal gardens. Many beautiful traditional Chinese structures, such as...

Peking University Extended International Summer Program Application Deadline

Peking University extended international summer program application deadline to June 3rd. This course is from July 8th to August 2nd, offers content courses related to China's culture, literature, history, politics, economy and management, as well as issues of global concern. It also provides optional Chinese language courses at three different levels. Students can apply the...