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Third Prize of CUCAS Essay Competition–Artur Tszyan

Theme: a�?Study and life experience in Chinaa��s universitya�? a�?Changesa�?   Less than two years ago, I was hopelessly into clubbing, playing billiards and street racing. Simply put, I didna��t want to do anything except have fun. I was just cruising through life, spending my time on useless pleasures. Looking at my reflection in the mirror...

Third Prize of CUCAS Essay Competition–Jufilin Wijaya

A� Study & Life Experiences in China Back there in the year 2010 when I was still sitting in my high school chair, I had no clue of where I was going to obtain and pursue my bachelor degree. I was nervous, anxious, and solicitous and all that when I thought about my future. At...

Applying to Chinese University- for British students

Applying to Chinese Universities levitra trial. After spending 6 months working in Shanghai in 2010, IA�realizedA�I wanted to apply to a Chinese University to do my degree. In China as you can imagine there is a lot of universities and going to each one and discovering what they offer is very time consuming and also...

Cultural and Educational Exchange between China, Thailand

News from In recent years, China and Thailand have launched several programs to promote bilateral educational and cultural cooperation. Each year, hundreds of teachers and students travel between Thailand and China to teach and study. Kuapan Nakbubpa is an assistant professor of the Thai department at Beijing Foreign Studies University. She first came to...
2013 Chinese Training Program for EU officials launched

2013 Chinese Training Program for EU officials launched

2013 Chinese Training Program for EU officials was launched at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) on July 21. 30 EU officials came to attend the one-week training in Beijing and Xi’an. 2013 marks the 10th anniversary for the all-around strategic partnership between China and Europe. And among all the co-operations, education has been a very...

CUCAS Rank: Hot 10 Universities (For July apply)

This “Hot 10 Universities” rank is a suggestion for your application in July. CUCAS counts the volume of the applications in last June. The following list is the most popular universities and the key programs still accepted applications in July. 10. Jiangsu University Jiangsu University, situated in Zhenjiang, is a comprehensive teaching-and-research-type university featuring engineering....

Two Programs Extended Application Deadline in Beijing Foreign Studies University

The bachelor's degree of International Journalism and Communication and English and Intercultural Studiesextended the application deadline to June 9th in Beijing Foreign Studies University. Both of them are taught in English, required IELTS score 5.5 or TOEFL score 80. More bachelor's degrees low cost isotretinoin for sale.  in Beijing Foreign Studies University.