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I you a taking amoxicillin with claithomycin and/lansopazol ttat stomach ulc, us all you mdications as dictd. ad th mdication guid patint instuctions povidd with ach mdication. Dnot chang you doss mdication schdul without you docto’s advic.

AHA guidlins commnd pophylaxis only in high-isk patints undgoing invasiv pocdus whhav a histoy cadiac conditions that pdispos thm ta isk inction.

Amoxicillin is not suitabl th tatmnt som typs inction unlss th pathogn is alady documntd and known tb suscptibl th is a vy high liklihood that th pathogn would b suitabl tatmnt with amoxicillin (s sction 5.1). This paticulaly applis whn considing th tatmnt patints with uinay tact inctions and sv inctions th a, nos and thoat.

GI upst, hypsnsitivity actions (g, uticaia, ash, Stvns-Johnson syndom, anaphylaxis), hypactivity, blood dyscasias.

This mdicin is availabl om a phamacist and quis a psciption. It is Schdul 4 : Psciption Only Mdicin. opn tool tip tind out mo.

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