For this reason losec omeprazole or zantac ranitidine should only be taken after seeing a doctor face-to-face if the following apply.

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Heartburn stomach upset GERD stomach or duodenal ulcers erosive esophagitis hypersecretory conditions peptic ulcers caused by certain types of cancer.

Liver problems irregular heart rhythm thrombocytopenialow levels of blood plateletswith symptoms such as bleeding or bruising more easily.

Zantac can also be a safe and effective way to decrease stomach acidheartburnand related pain in your babybut there are certain precautionsLearn more about heartburn in babies and how certain types of Zantac can work to treat it.

Like most medicationsPrilosec and Zantac can cause side effectsTheir more common side effects are similar and can include:

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byt he way both zantac and zyrtec are fine during pregnancy.