CUCAS has noticed that many overseas students were desperate for information about the “Agency No.” when applying for Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC).
Here, we have gathered some information about what the agency No. is and also provided some agency numbers regarding part of the universities in Beijing, but these are only for your reference, you should always check and confirm it with the university or local Chinese embassy before you fill in it into your application form.

1. What is an “Agency No.”?

Agency Number is the first required item when applying online at CSC Online Application System for International Students( Each Agency Number stands for a specific application receiving agency. A correct Agency Number will lead to the presence of the corresponding application receiving agency. Wrong Agency Number will lead to application rejection.


2. Agency No. Index (ONLY regarding PART of universities in Beijing)

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Univeristy Agency No.
Peking University 10001
Beijing International Studies University 10031
Beijing Film Academy 10050
Beijing University of Technology 10005
Beihang University 10006
Beijing University of Chemical Technology 10010
Beijing Jiaotong University 10004
University of Science&Technology Beijing 10008
Beijing Institute of Technology 10007
Beijing Forestry University 10022
Beijing Normal University 10027
Beijing Sport University 10043
Beijing Foreign Studies University 10030
Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications 10013
Beijing Language & Culture University 10032
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 10026
University of International Business & Economics 10036
North China Electric University (Beijing) 10054
Tsinghua University 10003
Capital University of Economics & Business 10038
Capital Normal University 10028
Capital Institue of Physical Education 10029
China Foreign Affairs University 10040
China University of Geosciences (Beijing) 11415
China Agriculture University 10019
Renmin University of China 10002
China University of Political Science & Law 10053
Central University of Finance & Economics 10034
Central Academy of Fine Arts 10047
Minzu University of China 10052
The Central Academy of Drama 10048
Central Conservatory of Music 10045

Check complete China universities’ agency number listA�(1948 China universities agency numbers).