Many students are very interrogative about the rules ofA� Chinese universities enrollment.

Here are some personal experience to share with you. Wish it is useful for you.


Most of the deadline for the applications are not absolute. When the university has enrolled enough students, the enrollment would stop.A� If you are still waiting to apply still the deadline, it will be too late. So it is better to be earlier than later.

Of course, if the universities didn’t enrolled enough students,A� some of them will postpone the deadline.A� Some universities set the deadline of application till the one day the courses start. However, for the applicants outside China, there won’t beA� enough time to prepare the visa, you will miss some classes.


Normally, the enrollment for language programs are not so strict. If the materials are completed, most of the applicants will be enrolled. But for the degree programs, many factors will affect the apply results, for examply, the amounts of applicants,A� your scores of pre-study, the reputation of the university etc.


The information above is personal advises but not the formal release of CUCAS.A� For reference only.


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