CUCAS interviewed Nour, a Tunisian student now is studyingA�Mechanical Engineering and Automation atA�Beihang University. She shares her experience on studying in China.


Why study in China?

The education situation in Tunisia in not good, you have to study very hard. So I want to studyA�abroad. I think China is the future power of the world, there are many factories around the world. Besides, I want to have different experiences and add more in my CV. I can speak French, English,A�JapanesesA�andA�Arabic. I want to learn Chinese language and the culture.

At that time, I apply many other universities, and I got the offer from a university in France. The tuition fee is free, but I think the livingA�expenses is too much to afford. The tuition fee in Beihang I think is a little expensive but the living expenses is very cheap.

Why Beihang ?

I am good at math and I want to study engineering, I search information on the internet and find Beihang University is very good.

How to apply the university?A�

I apply through CUCAS, my friend applied through CUCAS, so I choose CUCAS. As I have applied a lot of universities, I have already prepared the applicationA�materials.

There is a little story when I apply. The application deadline is May 21st, I saw the course on that day, it is closed and can not apply. So I send A�email to CUCAS staff ,they help me to tell the university and I can apply. So if A�you want to apply, do pay attention on the application deadline.

The Visa and theA�luggage phenergan ampules without prescription.

It is easy to apply visa inA�Tunisia, cause there is few people come to China. I got the visa after 2 days, and it is not expensive.

When I prepare the luggage, I bring a lot of things. But when I in China, I find you can buy everything in China, and it is not expensive.

About the degree courses and the language courses

You can’t choose courses by yourself in Beihang, the university had arranged theA�course. But myA�friendA�in Chengdu can choose her course.

The first 2 years, all the major students will study together about the basic knowledge. The last 2 years, they will learn their major.

I think the courses are very easy for me. I had studied engineer inA�Tunisia for one week, the courses in China are much easier. Now we study math, computer science and engineering graphic etc. I can easily handle it. But I have learnt from the senior, the courses will be harder in the second year.

The Chinese language is difficult for me. I have learnt 2 months, now I only can count and ask how much in Chinese. In this way, I can buyA�vegetableA�in our school and I can bargain when I buy cloth. I only have one Chinese friend, I just practice with my classmates.

The exam is easy if you do the homework. I just took the mid-exam, I prepared a lot, I studied 4 hours that days. But when I take the exam, it is so easy. But my classmate cheat the exam, they use their iPhone. The teacher is so kind, he doesn’t say anything about the cheat. But I think the university should punish them, because it is unfair.

My study method

It is important do the homework. They will mark you 60% on the final exam and 40% on the daily homework. You have to hand your homework once a week to the teacher.

The teachers in Beihang are good at English, you can understand the course. But one is not that good, I can’t understand what he said. So I preview the PPT before to help me to understand the course.

If you have any questions, you can ask the teacher. Each teacher has someA�assistantsA� they are the seniors, you can also ask them. They are very kind to help you.

I like to go to the library. The fifth floor has English books. I read and study there. It is clean and good for study.

About the scholarshipsA�

I know there are two kinds of the scholarships. One is for yourA�behaviors, another is for your marks. If you join a lot of activities or you study very well, you will have chance to get the scholarship. I’ll apply the scholarship next year. At present, I just want to enjoy my university life in China.