This blog is written byA�Ahmed Ktob, fromA�Saida , Algeria. He is now studying phD degree on computer science in Beihang University.

First, I would like to emphasis my pleasure to the Chinese people because, as everybody who visited China will witness, they help the foreigners as much as they can.

When I first came to China, I had some problems; the major was the difficulties in communication with the Chinese people. For instance, when I went to the bank to exchange money, they asked me for a Chinese phone number which I had not because it was my first day in china and I had not Chinese money so I cannot buy a SIM card or take a taxi, nothing at all. I tried to explain this to the girl who works there but without success, simply because she cannot understand English. At that day, an Argentinian person saved me, he bought a SIM card for me and when I made the exchange, I give him back his money.

After getting to my dormitory, things started going smoothly. I completed my registration and started my Chinese classes. In general the teachers and the stuff are very helpful as well as the students.

During my first days in china, particularly in Beihang University, I met some guys from CUCAS enterprise, they were so kind and we had a small interview. At that day, I got a gift from them, so thank you guys for this.

In the school, they organize many trips for us to visit different places. I already registered for the trip to the Great Wall (Badaling). I wish they would organize in the future some trips to the Forbidden City or some famous gardens.

Finally, I would like to mention something about the merchants in china. They represent a big problem for the foreigners because as long as they see that you are not a Chinese person, they directly multiply the price three times or more. Thus, if you are in china be careful from the prices!



In the article,A�Ahmed mentioned a lot of problem he meet in China. CUCAS will give students some tips to solve that.

1. Money exchange get tadalifil.

When you exchange money at Chinese bank, you have to give them a telephone number in China. You can give them your Chinese mobile phone number or the hotel telephone number you checked in. You can even give them your university’s telephone number.

So write down the important telephone number on your memo. If you can’t speak Chinese language, you can first use Google translate the sentence you may use in the bank and then print the Chinese sentence show the bank counter.

Every passport can only exchange 5000 dollar a day.

2. About shopping

Don’t buy anything from the illegal street vendors. They will charge anyone more! You have to buy thing from the stores or shopping mall.