You may want to share your photos on Facebook ; You may want to find the latest trend on Twitter; Or you want to join CUCAS video contest upload your video to YouTube.

It will be easy if you are at your country. But when you are in China, these things on internet may not be that easy.

In China, there isA�so-called Great Firewall on the internet. You are not able to connect manyA�websites. People have to useA�Virtual Private Network(VPN) toA�beat Chinese internet censorship.

Most VPNs cost money. There are also lots of fee VPNs, but the speed to connect the internet is very slow.

OurA�Guest Sara Jaaksola has written a blog aboutA�How To Use VPN And Access Facebook In China, you can learn how to set the VPN.

Besides, there areA�alternative choices for you to share your life on the internet.

You can use Renren, Weibo and Youku. They are Chinese Facebook, twitter and YouTube. You can easily get used to them. And if you want to learn Chinese language, you can easily find the trend topic on these website.


1. You can still access Instagram, Tumblr in China.

2. Free VPNs just have to register and then you can use it both on computer and cellphone.

3. When you use google in China, it isA�Hong Kong google. You can enterA�, and then it becomes the US Google.

4. If VPN is tooA�complicated. Find out the Chinese SNS websites instead.


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