My name is Ibegbulem Nneka Patricia, I am from Nigeria and am 19 years old. I came to China Beijing to be precise in august 2011. At first when I came everywhere was so strange because I could neither speak nor understand Chinese language making communication which is the basic aspect of socialization a challenge for me. I didn’t like the place but as time goes on I figured out that any place in the world was the best place if only we see it that way. I decided to apply for a language program which I did at buy cefixime online indian pharmacy. The Beijing language and culture university. Studying Chinese language is not really that easy but it’s very interesting.

Secondly I discovered that the climate condition is different from that of my country. In Nigeria we have just two weather conditions rainy and dry season, but that of china is four spring, autumn, summer and winter season respectively. The transport system is quitA�OKA� Just as days become weeks and weeks became months I picked one word at a time. Learning mandarin is one of the most interesting aspects of being a foreigner, despite the fact that china has different provinces the Mandarin language brings them together. It is their common ground once a foreigner understands the language you can relate to Chinese from different province.

Lastly, Beijing has so many recreational and tourist centers for people of all ages. Places like the Great Wall of China, the Olympic stadium and lots of other interesting places. Every day is an opportunity to learn new things. I never knew Beijing can be so lively because I hated the idea of moving entirely to a new place but for me now its home away from home. And every day I met a new foreigner my simple advice to them is “don’t worry you will like it with time”. Moving to a new place is not very easy especially when you have to learn the language before you fit In, even when I thought I miss my country every time I travel for a holiday am always excited to get back to my new home.