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Why did I come to China to study? In fact, in the beginning I was not willing to study abroad, as I was to get a scholarship in our country to study medical medicine. But my mother felt study abroad is better, in other countries you can learn their language, you can also broaden their horizons. And since the last ten years my country Kazakhstan and China have very good economic trade relations, so my mother felt in future after graduate I can also return to Kazakhstan bilateral trade aspects of the work. So I came to China.

Apply USTB

At first I was applying through a friend, intermediary applied. This approach is relatively simple, you can provide the necessary documents to the intermediary person, he would deal with all your documents. But be careful!

I was applying by myself and it was complicated, but each step I did personally so for my own certificate information it was more safety and I also learned the apply process.A�The process is like the following:

1) selected theA�universityA�you want to go on the Internet and remember the contact information. You can also ask someone who has been in China for studying, ask his help you recommend theA�university.
2) connect with theA�university’sA�admissions officers and ask what are the requirements for learning, certificates, tuition, accommodation and so on.
3) Fill theA�universality’sA�application form, sent toA�university.A�After receiving your application form, theA�UniversityA�will send you the 202 Table that allows you using this table apply for a study visa in your country.
4) Contact your country’s embassy, inquire about visa documents and prepare all of documents should be used for making a study visa.
5) Students should come toA�UniversityA�for 2-3 days before the school starts, go toA�UniversityA�International Students Office for the admission procedures.

Prepare materials

When preparing materials, you can refer to the application materials format and requirements in the internet. If you are from non-English speaking countries, then remember to bring your documents translated into English.

The accommodation

I personally think that first time in China living in the students school dormitory is more better. Because you do not know the environment very well, ita��s easy to get lost when you go out. Benefits when living in dormitory: easy to find a teacher and going to classes, have a kitchen inside, laundry room in the territory, canting, pharmacy, bank, library, supermarket, post office, playground, swimming pool and other convenience stores, and ita��s also safety living in schools. If youA�didn’tA�arrive to school yet, would like to book a dorm room, you can give a call or send messages to the teacher, so he will arrange a room for you to stay.

Preparation before going study abroad

Before leaving, apply for the a�?visaa�? bank card, to facilitate parents send money. Airline tickets book at least one month in advance is cheaper (consult the airlines in your country), and you can also look at student tickets, it should be cheaper. When preparing luggage is the most troublesome thing. May be your parents will give you lot of thinks to take. I remember when I was preparing the luggage, in addition to clothes I also took a lot of things I can buy in China and it made my baggage overweight. Remember to take good care of your belongings, put important documents, passport, money in a small carry bag.

AdviceA�for freshman students
You should make your best in studying in China, to comply with Chinese laws and school rules, respect for the Chinese people and all of another foreign students. Just like people say: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
The school held for students many activities to participate on it, in order to make your abroad student life more abundant. For example, the International Cultural Festival held every year, so that students from different countries showcase their country’s culture, food, traditional costumes and talent shows. You can also participate on it; do not forget to bring your national costume!