Nour shares her life in Beihang University

I love Beihang, I’ll never regret. I join the students union. I’m the member of the art and the culture department. They hold a lot of activities in Beihang, and I meet my best friends here.

Every year, the student union will invite the freshman to join in. You should first fill a form and then they will do an interview. The student union is a big family, you can meet a lot of people here. We hold a lot of activities in Beihang, like basketball competition, writing competition etc. On theA�Halloween party, our department decorated the place by painting posters.


Halloween party in Beihang

I have been to a lot of places in Beijing. The international school organized us to go to the Great Wall. I went to the summer palace(I saw the big rubber duck), Houhai, Sanlitun and Tianjian with myA�friends.

In summer palace

In summer palace

I think Sanlitun is cool, I go there to eat food and go to the club. I like Wudaokou, it is very near to my university. It has everything. I also like to go shopping in Wangfujing, it has ZARA, H&M, the things there are cheaper than my country, I often buy things for my sister. I take the picture and send her by Wechat, and then send the package to her.

TheA�facilitiesA�around Beihang is veryA�convenient. I walk to the supermarket, the canteen, and walk to the Jinma Dasha(e��cZ�a��aZ�) to buy cloth. The canteen has all kinds of food, I can find Halal food there. Sometimes, I cook by myself and eat with my friends.

I also search activities on the internet, like the beijinger and the couchsurfing. I find aA�Halloween party on the Beijinger, the party is held in Tianjin, they take us by bus and it was really cool. The couchsurfing is also a good website to know other foreigners.

I don’t go to the Gym in Beihang, it is too crowd. I join the fitness class organized by student union on Sunday. It is fun.

My advise to the future students is the study in China is very easy, you can enjoy your social life in the first year. TheA�friendsA�will help you a lot and you won’t feel lonely. Join the student union or join many activities, you will have a good experience in China.

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