In BLCU, there are many supermarkets and vegetable market, you can buy theA�daily necessities in BLCU. (Learn about the market in BLCU)A�There are also many shopping mall near BLCU, I will introduce you about that.

BLCU is near Wudaokou, a very busy distinct has lots ofA�restaurant,A�shopping mall andA�entertainment venues. You can go out from the south gate of BLCU and walk west about 10 minutes to get Wudaokou.

1. Shopping mall

Walk about 500 meters, you will find the U-center(a?�e?�a??e?�c��a?�a??) on the south.

It has 6 floors, including BHG market, manyA�clothing brands, hair and nail salon and many restaurants. You can find Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food and Thailand food here.A�The price here is not expensive because the nearby are all universities. You can often find discount when season changes.


On the north side of the road, there is a cinema called a?�e?�a??a�?a??a?�a??e??. You can buy cheap tickets on the website. It is about 40 Yuan per ticket.



Beside this cinema, there is aA�pool room. It charges 48 Yuan per hour, students will get 80% discount by the Students Id Card.

3. Sanlitun(a?�e�?a�?)

Many foreign students like to go to Sanlitun, because there are many shopping malls, many bars and many foreigners. Sanlitun is a fashion and busyA�distinct. You can go there by the subway.

Sanlintun shopping mall

Sanlintun shopping mall

Most of the people can speak English there, you can communicate with others easily. You can eat your home country food and make new friends there.

How to get to Sanlitun

Take Line 13 at Wudaokou station(a?�e?�a??) and then take the Line 10 at the Zhichunlu station(cY????e�?), take off at Tuanjiehu station(a�?c��??�) and then walk to the west about 500 meters you will get to Sanlitun.