Beihang University is famous for aviation and aeronautics. It has real airplanes and many outstanding engineers. The campus is very big. I’ll give you a brief introduce about the campus and then tell you the transportation around BUAA.



Campus Introduction

TheA�blue signs in the map are apartment for BUAA teachers. They are located in the west of the university.

The pink signs in the map are apartment for BUAA Students. The buildings are located in the north part of the university. The foreign students’ apartments are on the south side of the university. It is called Dayuncun(a��e????�c��a��c�Ya��a?�). The type and price of the apartment>>

The yellow signs are mainly teaching buildings and office buildings, they are located on the east part of the university.

In the middle of the university areA�sports grounds andA�librarys.

Go to BUAA from the airport

The best way to go the university from the airport is to take a taxi, since you mustA�tiredA�and with heavy luggage. Taxi would be the most easy and convenient way. It costs about 88 Yuan in the daytime and 99 Yuan in the night(23:00-5:00). If you don’t know Chinese, you can first print the university or the hotel name on the paper, then show that to the driver.

You can also choose CUCASA�Pickup & Register Service>>

BUS around BUAA

The east gate of BUAA is on the Xueyuan road. You can find the bus station called “BUAA station” (a?�a?�e??c�?e??a��a��a��)on this road. About 17 buses pass by this bus station, such asA�BUS 331, 375, 386, 392 etc.

BUAA bus station on the east gate

BUAA bus station on the east gate

The south gate is on the Zhichun road. You can find the bus station called”Xuezhiqiaoxi A�station”(a��cY????e??). Bus 304 pass by this station.

The west gate is on the Dayuncun road. You can find the bus station called”Dayuncun station”(a��e????�a��a?�e?�c��). Bus 751 pass by this station. This is the station very near to foreign students apartment.

The north gate is on the Beisihuan road. There is a?�a?�aYZa?�a��e�? station, lots of the buses pass by there.

Most of the buses cost 1 Yuan. It costs 0.4 Yuan if you use the cialis 20mg online kaufen. Beijing Transportation Smart Card.

If you want to take a bus, go to the BUAA bus station, you will have a lot of choices and this station is very near to Xitucheng subway station.

Subway Station around BUAA

On the Zhichun road. You will find two subway station. On the west is the Zhichunlu station(cY????e�?c��). It is a transfer station, Line 10 and Line 13 pass by here. On the east is the Xitucheng station(e??a?YaYZc��). It is a station on Line 10.

zhichunlu Station Line 10 part

It cost 2 Yuan to take the subway in Beijing. Learn more about Beijing subway>>

Go Around in Beijing

You can take the Line 10 subway to go to Sanlitun(a?�e�?a�?). Get off at Tuanjiehu(a�?c��??�)station. It is a fashion distinct for foreign people. You can make new friend, go shopping and have delicious food there.

You can take the Line 13 subway(cY????e�?) to go to Wudaokou. Get off at Wudaokou subway station. This distinct has many universities and many foreign students. The things here are cheaper than Sanlitun. And besides, it is very near to the BUAA.

If you want to go to otherA�attractionsA�in Beijing, you can both take subway and the bus. Famous places most have a bus station or near to a subway station.