Student’s campus life merelyA�wouldn’tA�be complete without a taste of Chinese delicacies on the table any hour of the day. Therefore, our university has 2 main cafeterias.

USTB_a�???�Yaboyuan canteen is on the Xuezi west road near the main building. Wanxiuyuan canteen is on the Xuezi east road near the gym.

  • Each cafeteria has 4 floors, the last ones being restaurants. So when I said to taste Chinese delicacies it is because both of the cafeterias offer plenty of them with remarkably honest values.A� Among many dishes, the favorites would be roast duck, fried rice, sweet and sour meat, fried eggs with tomatoes, roast meat and roast satay.
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  • With the food variety, you will certainly experience a whole new and different atmosphere where you can enjoy your meals.

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Moreover, there are always some other options on the list. Our university is conveniently located closed to an area with quite a diversity of restaurants. This is area is popularly known as WUDAOKOU, which is approximately 3 blocks away from the school. There are places where you can find a wide variety of foods; from western pizzas, burgers, pastas, to Asian dishes like Korean and Japanese. A�And of course without forgetting to mention: Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa Johna��s Pizza, Subway, Seven Eleven, McDonalda��s and KFC as the most well-known.

Now if I may recommend or suggest any, they would be La Bamba and Helena��s CafA�, the former being a Mexican restaurant and the latter being merely a western cafA� with a nice environment. It happens to be that I am a Latina girl, so I have a tendency to like spicy food. However, in this case, La Bamba, not only became one of my favorites, but isA�also the favorite for many foreigners and even Chinese.



Beijing, like any other big city, offers many options in relation to food, and the Sanlitun area became the center for it. Sanlitun is located by the TUANJIEHU subway station, line 10. So if you miss homea��s food you might be pretty surprised to find it there. Otherwise why not just to cook it! Every floor of our dormitory has a kitchen. A�Plus you can find two supermarkets and a fruit and vegetable market by the north part of the university. I am sure you will find all the ingredients you might need to cook your favorite meal.

Being away from home might be challenging and trying to get used to a new life style might be either enjoyable or unpleasant, but believe this will be only your choice. I am sure you agree, food is an important part of our life since we particularly spend A? of our day eating. However, all the options are already there and I am sure you will find your way to enjoy your time while being away from home.