When I first came to China, I thought that speaking in Chinese was something unreal. From the first day of classes, I was afraid that I wouldna��t be able speak Chinese ever. Then one day I got lost in Beijing and I couldna��t find my way back to the university. Perhaps the fear was my engine that motivated and inspired me. First semester, I studied hard and tried my best among my classmates, communicating with all of my friends only in Chinese or in English (but never in native language).A� After the morning classes, I spent 5-6 hours a day studying in the library. I was writing and reading as much as I could, which gave me a really strong foundation of the knowledge of the Chinese language. In the second semester, I spent more time with my Chinese and foreign friends (we communicated in Chinese), at this point of time I have developed my spoken Chinese. script for valtrex.

In my opinion, the main key of learning a language is a constancy and hard work. Be sure to combine all the techniques like writing, listening, reading (novels and newspapers), speaking, learning the culture, watching movies and TV shows. The combinations of these methods allow you to learn the language deeply.A� I also think that interest and passion for the language are very important and some sometimes you better even visualize that you are Chinese.

Ita��s already been more than 3 years I have been in China and I am still very interested in the language. My favorite ways to study Chinese are writing characters, reading Chinese literature and browsing Chinese websites such chinadaily.com or renren.com, participating in Chinese language competitions, learning folk dance, watching movies and TV shows and communicating with Chinese friends. Now I am preparing for the HSK level 6, but I am busy with my major classes, I dona��t have very much time, but I try my best to study Chinese at least two hours every day, maybe it is too short, but is every day. After all, constancy is the most important key to achieving any goal.