1.A�International School

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It is on theA�east wing of library near the east gate. All the offices forA�foreignA�students are in this building.

International student office is in the room 211 and 215. It is responsible for international students’ passport, visa, insurance and scholarships.

Chinese language training center office is in room 212. It is responsible for affairs of Chinese language students.

Comprehensive office is in room 213. You can apply campus card, student card and dorm here.

2.A�Foreign students dormitory office


It is in the No.1A�foreign students dormitory in the room 109 near the north gate.

Every year, the freshman will go there to do the registration.

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3. NewA�Main Building

new teaching building


It is on the east side of the campus, near theA�southeasternA�gate. Student will study here.

in the classroom

in the classroom

4. LibraryA�



It is near the east gate. The international school is here.

You can read the English language books on the east side of the 5 floor. The business hour: Mon-Sun 8:00-22:00

You can read and borrow English language books on the north side of the 2 floor. The business hour: Mon-FriA�9:00-11:00a�?13:00-21:00, SatA�10:00-18:00

5. Gymnasium of BUAA



It is on the west side of the New Main Building. On the west side of the gym, there areA�natatorium, outdoorA�basketball ground, volleyball ground, tennis ground and football ground.

6.A�No. 2 Foreign Students Dormitory(Dayuncun apartment)

dayuncun apartment

BesidesA�No.1 dorm, the Dayuncun apartment is mainly for foreign students. It is on the south side of the campus, near the south gate.



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Basement of DayuncunA�Foreign Students Dormitoryi?s9:00-22:00

7. Dining Hall(He Yi building)


The 1-3 floor is dinning hall, you can find Muslim food here. Besides dining hall,A�there are A�super market, ICBC bank, post office.

On the opposite of the He commodityYi building, there is ‘Chaoshifa’(e��a?�a?�), a big super market you can buy vegetables andA�commodities.

8. Bank and ATM


Bank Of China

South of Zhichun Road ( East side of Dayuncun), 1st floor of Vision Building.A�Bank Of China provides almost all foreign currency transaction.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

West side, 1st floor of Heyi Building

Agricultural Bank of China

South of Zhichun Road ( East side of Dayuncun)

China Merchants Bank

South of Dayuncun, next to KFC

The opening time of the banks mentioned above is Mon to Sun, 9am to 5pm.


North of New Main Building (A)

West of sport field. (ATM of ICBC)

No.11 Dormitory ATM of ICBC and Beijing Bank)

West of Heyi Building(ATM of ICBC and Postal Savings Bank Of China)

North of Siyuan Building(ATM of ICBC)

South of No.5 canteen(ATM of Bank Of Communications)

No15 Dormitory (ATM of China Everbright Bank)

You can withdraw money from the ATM of other bank as long as there is a�?Union Paya�? logo on your ATM Card.