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1.A�Jingshi building(a?�a??a��aZ�)

It is in the southeast of the university near south gate.A�TheA�International Student Office (room 9910)is in here.


2. Main building(a?�???)

It is near the Jingshi building. TheA�College of Chinese Language and Culture office is in here, roomA�B305.

main building


3. Library

library zixizuowei


You can borrow books here and study here.

Open hours:

Monday – Sunday: from 7a.m to 10p.m

You can borrow the foreign language books on the 8 floor in north area. The open time is Mon-Thu from 8a.m to 5p.m, Friday from 8a.m to 11:30 a.m.

4. Qiujirui Gym


It is on the west side of the university.

5. Foreign Students Apartment


There are 5 dormitory buildings forA�international students: Xinsong apartment and No.1 and 3 International Student Dorm are together on the east side of theA�universityA�near the east gate. Lanhui apartment in on theA�southwestA�of the university and the No.2 international student dorm in on theA�oppositeA�side of the east gate. There areA�12 types of rooms.A�learn more>>

1i?�Lanhui apartment(a��e��a��a?�)




It is on the sourthwest side of the university, you can go there from the west gate.

2) Xinsong apartment(?��???a��a?�)

xinsong gongyu


It is on the east side of the university, near the east gate.

3)A�International Student Dorm

No.1 International Student Dorm is on the north side of the Xinsong apartment.

No.2 International Student Dorm is on the other side of the east gate. There is the Bank of China.

No.3 International Student Dorm is beside the No.1A�International Student Dorm.

6.A�International Student Canteen

dining hall

Friendship Restauranta��a��beside No.1 International StudentsA�Dorm

  • 1: Offers both Chinese and Korean dining atA�09:00~21:00.
  • 2: Accepts only cash.
  • 3: Tel 58806982

Yixin Japanese Restauranta��a��2nd floor of No.1 InternationalA�Students Dorm

  • A�1: Offers Japanese cooking; accepts only cash.
  • 2: Dining hours are 11:00~13:30 and 17:00~21:00.
  • 3: Tel 58809785

Jitian Snacksa��a��above Friendship Restaurant

  • 1: Offers snacks from different places in China;low prices and a wide selection.
  • 2: Dining hours are 10:00~21:30.
  • 3: Accepts only cash.
  • 4: Tel 58809037



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  • Staff Co-op: between the East Gate and the Sci-TechA�building; sells daily use items and food. Operating hours:A�08:30-21:30.
  • Students Supermarket: east of the Fifth Canteen; sells dailyA�use items and food.
  • Small East Gate Vegetable Market: east of the primaryA�school; sells vegetables and fruit.

near campus

  • Cuiwei Department Store (Mu Dan Yuan Branch): Large-size shopping center. AA�supermarket is on the 1st floor selling commodities and household appliances. Take the 22 bus from the East Gate. Business hours: from Sunday toA�Thursday: 10:00~21:30 ;from Friday to Saturday:10:00~22:00
  • Suning Electronics: Large-scale electronics shopping center; north of Beitaiping Bridge, beside Wu-mart; a 20-minute walk from the East Gate to the north.A�Business hours from Monday to Friday: 09:30~21:00; Weekend business hours: 09:00~21:30
  • Maples International Shopping Center: Large-scale shopping center with aA�supermarket at the basement; KFC and Pizza Hut are located on the first floor;A�south of Mingguang Bridge; a 15-minute walk from the South Gate to the westA�and then at Mingguang Bridge to the south. Business hours from Monday to Friday:A�10:30~21:30; Weekend business hours: 10:00~21:30

Bank & ATM

Bank of China

Branch 1 near BNUa��a��Beitaipingzhuang branch: opposite the small East Gate, beside No.2 International Students Dorm.
Business hours: 09:00~17:00 (Monday to Friday) 10:00~16:00(Saturday and Sunday). 24-hour ATM provided.
Convertible currencies: all currencies except for IDRA�(Indonesian Rupiah).

Branch 2 near BNUa��a��Wenhui Garden Branch: oppositeA�Kingdom Garden near the South Gate of the University.
Business hours: 09:00~17:00 (Monday to Friday) 10:00~16:00(Saturday and Sunday). 24-hour ATM provided.
Convertible currencies: All currencies except for Thai Baht.

Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China

Branch near BNUa��a��Xiaoxitian Branch: 200 meters southA�from the Jingshi Hotel crossroads, east side.
Note: Only RMB business is available at this bank.

Agricultural Bank of China

Branch near BNUa��a��Xinwai Branch, opposite the East Gate A�Business hours: 09:00~17:00A�(no service available on Saturday or Sunday)

Convertible currencies: USD, Euro, GBP, yen, HongkongA�dollar.

Construction Bank of China

Branch 1 near BNUa��a��Xiaoxitian Savings Bank: opposite Kingdom Garden near the South Gate
Business hours: 09:00~17:00
Convertible currencies: USD, Euro, GBP

Branch 2 near BNUa��a��Beitaipingzhuang Savings Bank: 200 meters from the East Gate (northward), east side.
Business hours: 09:00~17:00
Convertible currencies: USD, Euro, GBP, yen, Hong Kong dollar.


There are several ATMs on campus which can beA�used to withdraw RMB. They are located in the hall ofA�the Science & Technology Building, in the hall of the firstA�floor of the Yingdong Building, at the East Gate of theA�University (Minsheng Bank), on the first floor of Jingshi HotelA�(Guangdong Development Bank).