I came to China in June, 2009. Studying Chinese in BLCU for 1 year, preparing for the bachelor class. My major is business management in cialis dosage daily vs 36 hour. USTB, teaching language is Chinese, and I will graduate in 2014.

The main courses of the major are fundamental of business management, marketing, human resource management, strategy management, etc. If you want to be a manager in human resource department, an accountant or marketing, choose it.

All universities are easier than college, in the class you just have to pay a little attention and take the final exam, you will pass. But this is based on your Chinese level.

I want to thank all my professors; they gave me all their knowledge, including knowledge that unrelated with the class. But if they can speak a little slowly is much better.

The oral examination is the easiest I ever seen, if you read the documents, you wrote the thesis, that is impossible you can’t answer the professors questions. Just do it yourself, don’t cheat them, also don’t cheat you. I’ll find job in china, because here has more opportunities.

Pay attention in Chinese website, and establish a good relationship with your classmate, specially the Chinese student. RenRen and 51 are two important websites in china.

If you just want to come and go, you can do everything you want. If you want to learn something, find some Chinese friend or someone who don’t speak your language. And have some chat with your mentor.