I am currently studying at USTB and live in dormitory #4. Our dormitory is very spacious and beautiful. I live with a roommate who is also from Mongolia.


There are 2 separate beds next to the window. We each have our own large desk next to our beds. On top of the desk there are bookshelves where I can put books, cosmetic items, and pictures of my family members. My room also has a TV, air conditioner, closet, and a bathroom.

I have been to other universities and I believe my dorm is the best. My dormitory has 16 floors and each floor has 18 rooms with 2 students per room. Only the 16th nexium 20mg capsule. floor has the exception of having 3-4 students per room. In addition each floor has their own kitchen where we can cook our own meals instead of going out to eat.

Kitchen Classroom in Dormitory Building Restaurant in Dormitory Building

Since my room is pretty big. I am able to buy items to make my living situation a little more comfortable. For example my roommate and I can buy are refrigerator, washing machine, curtains, mirrors, and other home improvement items.A� One bonus my dormitory provides are guest rooms for family members who wish to visit me in Beijing. Since Beijing can be expensive this is extremely helpful.

The price for a single person bedroom is 50 RMB, 2-3 people the price is 30 RMB per day, and 4 people room is 25 RMB per day.