CUCAS interviewed Nour, a freshman now studying engineering in China, she tell us about the dorms in Beihang.

There are two buildings for international students to live.

No.1A�Foreign Students Dormitory


No.1A�foreign students dormitory. It is near the north gate. Two rooms are in one apartment, each room are single room. The price isA�1300 RMB/Mth. per room.

No. 2 Foreign Students Dormitory(Dayuncun apartment)

This is also called Dayuncun apartment. It is near the south gate, the facilities here are veryA�convenientA� you can walk to the subway station or the supermarket.

dayuncun apartment



It has 19 floors, each floor has 10 apartment, each apartment has 2 rooms. It is double room, but I find someone has the single room.

I book the dorm by CUCAS, and I get the double room in Dayuncun apartment. My roommate was studying Chinese language here, when she finished the course, she moved out. So I live in the double room by myself. I’m very lucky.

The price here is very cheap, it’sA�650 RMB/Mth.per bed. So theA�facilities here are not good. The air condition is broken, the heater can’t use until we ask the teacher many times, they finally fix it. And the apartment is not clean, I just try to keep my room clean.

I don’t want to rent house now, because now I pay little money live in the double room by myself. I can cook in my apartment, and it is so near to the supermarket and subway.

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