Lots of students ask CUCAS to apply scholarship for them. But CUCAS focus on helping international students apply for the programs at China’s universities. We just provide the scholarship information for students.

In this article, I’ll take Beihang University as an example, to introduce you the different scholarships and how to apply them.

There are 4 kinds of scholarships in Beihang University:

Chinese Government Scholarship

  • Applicants must be foreign citizens who will study in Beihang University;
  • Only the programs on the list can apply the scholarship;
  • Application period is fromA�January to April. The detail application day is different by different year.

CUCAS Advice: This is the full scholarship, including the tuition fee and the living expense. It is reallyA�competitive. You should have a very high academic score.

Scholarship of Beijing Municipal Government and Beihang University

  • Applicants must be foreign citizens who will study in Beihang University;
  • Application deadline is December 20 (Spring Semester) and May 25 (Fall Semester);
  • Applicants should be recommended by the schools, institutions or government departments cooperated with BUAA.

CUCAS Advice: I think this scholarship is mainly give to the exchange students or the students in the cooperated schools. It is much easier than Chinese Government Scholarship, but you have to get theA�recommendation.

A�Self-Supported Foreign Students Scholarship of Beijing Municipal Government and Beihang University

  • Applicants must be self-supported foreign students who will study for Bachelora��s Degree in BUAA.
  • Applicants do not obtain any other kind of support by organizations.
  • Application period for current Self-Supported Foreign Students Scholarship is May 10 to May 25.

CUCAS Advice:A�This scholarship isA�classified as Special Prize, First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize. Special prize is almost like the full scholarship. First prize is 100% tuition free. Second prize is 50% tuition free. Third prize is 20% tuition free. This is much easier to apply. If you have a high academic score you can almost get the full scholarship.

Distinguished Foreign Students Scholarship

  • Applicants must be foreign students who have been enrolled in BUAA for one year in general.
  • Students who are awarded Scholarship of Excellent Study will be 1%- 5% of total foreign students studying in BUAA.
  • The amount of first prize, second prize and third prize is 3,000 Yuan, 2,000 Yuan and 1,000 Yuan respectively.
  • You should apply this scholarship in May.
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CUCAS Advice:A�This scholarship is easy to apply. If you are the top 10 students in your class, you may get the first and second prize. This is kind ofA�supplement of the self-supported scholarship. You can apply both of them. This is just concern about yourA�excellent results in recent academic year.A�

Generally speaking, it is easy to get the scholarship in China. If you are the A�No.1 at your high school or university, you can easily get the full scholarship. If your school hasA�cooperation with China’s university, you can get the government scholarship. You can also do your best after you enter the university. You still have chance to apply the self-supported students scholarship and the distinguished students scholarship.

About Beihang University:

Aviation and aeronautics is Beihang’s specialty; the university has contributed much to these fields. But Beihang Universitya��s reputation has already surpassed aviation and aeronautics a�� the school is now a comprehensive institution with competitive courses in engineering, natural sciences, sociology, management, liberal arts and more. This is one of the very few universities in China that allow students to study almost any major in English!

Bachelor’s Degree Key Programs:

Electrical Engineering and Automation (in English)

International Economics and Trade (in English)

Mechanical Engineering and Automation (in English)

Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering (in English)

Electronic Information Engineering (in English)