In order to attract more outstanding international students to study atA�Nanjing UniversityA�of Science and TechnologyA�(NJUST), Nanjing Government and NJUST have jointly set up the scholarship program starting from 2014.

Types of Scholarships and the Number of Winning Students

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Scholarship Category Doctora�� Degree Mastera�� Degree Bachelora�� Degree General scholar(Non Degree)
Class A(64 students) RMB75,000/year(5 students) RMB60,000/year(10 students) RMB40,000/year(15 students) RMB5,000/6 months(34 students)
Class B(40 students) RMB40,000/year(5 students) RMB30,000/year(15students) RMB20,000/year(20 students)
Class C(30 students) RMB20,000/year(5 students) RMB15,000/year(10 students) RMB10,000/year(15 students)

This year, it added the non-degree scholarship. About 34 students who learn the non-degree Chinese language programs may get RMB 5,000.

The scholarship application deadline:A�May 31, 2014.

Date of Scholarship result: June 30, 2014

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