By:A�Mahdi Yami


A. My Dreams and Destiny

I called to my mom, beepa�� beepa�� beepa��, she didna��t answer her phone, I was so nervous and became so jittery, after a while she answered, helloa��, but I couldna��t talk and like a baby just cried. She called my name and got worry on my crying but she didna��t know about my long story, about my hard days that finished and about a�?my dreams and destinya�?.

I am an Iranian, these days the entire world faces me with limitations; many countriesA�closed their doors and made a forbidden policy for Iranian students. I was born in a not-rich family in a small city in Iran; my father was a teacher with a small salary , so IA�started to work from 18 years old. I had many dreams and one of them was go to the other countries and study abroad. Which country? With which money?

So I leave my hometown, I went to Tehran (the capital of Iran) just with a so little saving and started to work and study. I washed the cars windows in the streets and slept on the cartons in a dark and old market. After a while I could slept in the offices for nights instead of cleaning their offices or worked for their night telephone services.

Those days were so difficult in working 22 hours, I was sleeping just 3 hours every night, but I was happy in working and earned money for studying. I said to my Mom that my life is so comfortable and I eat delicious food everyday but most of time I eat just a loaf of bread with water.

My destiny already was working and once when around a square (which I call there as a�?Destiny Sq.a�?) I found a job vacancy notice. I went interview and got hired. It was a trading company working with China and there I got interested in Chinese language and Chinese culture. It was my new dream to go to china and study my PHD.

My destiny still working in a winter snowy morning when I wanted to go to work, I slept in the bus and I lost my office station. I was in a�?Destiny sq.a�? but when I was running to my back way I saw an advertisement about Chinese schools. I saved theA�telephone No. so fast and ran again.

It was an agency works about Chinese schools and they gave me CUCAS website address as a reliable reference for all my necessary information. Actually it was CUCAS that lead my destiny in a true way.


B. CUCAS lead my destiny

I wanted to come to china and study PhD, I should leave all my success, job and all my progresses. It was a great decision for me so I should study more about it and search many information.

After studying CUCAS, I realized that the best way is coming to china for one or two semesters studying Chinese language and then in this while I could find my way. But I had many quastions as:

China is so big country, which city is better to study for me?
Which university?
When is the best time for that?
What kind of language program is better?
How much money i will spend?
How long I will spend in China?

I found many university names in CUCAS, I went to iran- science ministry to know more in their ranking and I found them in other ranking websites.

I decided Shanghai due to be a global city with more opportunities and I decided for Donghua University for its CIP Department as one of greatest international studyingA�center in Shanghai.

I referred to its website and check
a. Campus
b. location preferences,
c. my budget
d. university reputation
e. expat community
f. number of students and international students
g. History and the found year.

I download the forms, filled the forms and applied just for one semester studying Chinese and it cause a great problem in future for my visa. Chinese embassy in Iran never gives x-type visa to the students who want study less than a year in China.A�Furthermore Iranians cannot change their visa type but just in coming back to IranA�again and apply for changing the visa type.

It is wasting time and ticket fee. One of the worst is they just issues F-type visa for 90 days, means near the final exam an Iranian should leave classes and come back to Iran for applying another visa or changing the type. It is a great disaster that I faced butA�never can find it in any website. Ita��s the main reason that I advise all students (especially Iranian) apply for at least two semesters for studying Chinese.


C. My confused life in China

In September 2011, It was my first time I came to china, so I was confused in airport, I forgot to bring Donghua University address and taxi driver took me to SongjiangA�brunch of that. I paid a huge taxi cost and after I realized that I should come back to Shanghai brunch I paid another huge taxi. I am so happy that university after hearing my story refunded me all as the receipt. I advise all to ask university peek-up services from airport before coming to China.

I registered finished and they lead me to my room. In the first semester studying with Japanese and Korean classmates made me disappointed in studying Chinese. They were so fast in reading and writing the Chinese characters and their talking was so fast.

My country currency crashed and studying abroad became so expensive for IraniansA�and all my financial plans crashed.

Living in dorm is the best way for students with a high security, high international communication, good services and maintenance and without any cost or wasting time or money to transport to the classes but I had a bad and rude roommate who bothered me so much and he didna��t let me to sleep because he got drunk every night.

I thought why I am here? Why I leave my country and why I spend all for nothing, I lost my goala�� I faced a bad depression, I was alone and I felt a bad homesick, I had visa problem. The weather was so cold and just could be in the room. It was myA�confused time in my life in china but my destiny still was working.


D. Recovery myself

Actually one of my school teacher and she helped me in discover myself again. I considered my goals again and started again.

First I should save more money because financial problems didna��t let me to focus on my studies; I should have a financial plan. Every month I paid 1500RMB for dorm and 2000RMB for food and other costs besides tuition fee. I started to design an excelA�file for registering my costs and could make a financial plan as 1100-1500 RMBA�every month. I transferred just by subway and bus, I was having food just in school canteen and instead of going to bars and clubs and paying for drinks decided to study.

I found a part-time job in acting in some shooting movies. I asked university to change my room or roommate and I planned an accurate studying plan. I found many Chinese friend and my depression lost.

I continue in studying my Chinese language and started some shangese accents dialects too; I practice in Chinese paintings and Chinese calligraphy. I won in some competition in Shanghai in painting.

I went so many places by school as Hangzhou, Ningbo, Beijing, Suzhou, Shaolin School and so many other places. In all of these trips I realize many new ChineseA�aspects and I knew more about Chinese culture and society, I saw many mountains, rivers, flowers and nice Chinese peoples. Dona��t need to say that I taste many special foods in these trips.

My good teacher asked me to try for scholarship, I review CUCAS website again. I found many scholarship notices and started to work on them. I tried to find the universities and considered them and finally I realized that Donghua University is one of the best in Shanghai.

It was hard to find my prof in Chinese websites but I translated all by internet, I went to student medical test and ask my professor to issue a requirement letter. He after some interviews asked me some resumes and recommendation letters, study plan and some other documents about my master.

Finally I sent my documents to CSC. The office agent said me you are the last student we accept the documents and if come just 5 minutes later never will accept it, but she didna��t know my destiny was working.


E. I win!

In a hot summer day, after a deep afternoon nap I opened my laptop to check emails, I saw a new title: a�?congratulation your scholarship in PhD accepted.!!!a�?

Wowa��After all these long and hard way my dreams paid off. I ran to corridor and called my neighbors, no one answered, I ran and called my mom.

I called to my mom, beepa�� beepa�� beepa��, she didna��t answer her phone, I was so nervous and became so jittery, after a while she answered, helloa��, but I couldna��t talk and like a baby just cried. She called my name and got worry on my crying but she didna��t know about my long story, about my hard days that finished and about a�?my dreams and destinya�?.

I just could said: a�?mom I wona�?.

Now I am a PhD student in Economic Management in Donghua University, But it is not the end of my story, my destiny still is working and in the freshman party I played violin and after it all asked to take a picture with me, one of them was one niceA�Tunisian girl. In that time we two never thought that we will be our partner for a life, but next month in Jan. 2014 is our wedding party .

In the last summer I invited my mom to come to china and I saw her smile full of happiness and prides. I could find my new life and my wife in China. Now I am planning for many new things in my life. I love China because this country gave me a lot of happiness that sometimes I think I am in a dream.

I will back home one day and will publish a book about china and will write all my nice experience in this great country and will say to all that how much Chinese are kind and how much they got happy to say to us a�?Helloa�?.

I hereby express my profound gratitude to your Agency for the good and genuine work your agency is doing. With an objective and clear mindset, CUCAS stands out to be the most outstanding, prestigious, affordable, reliable and trustworthy services toA�lead foreign students to find their way and study better in Chinese Universities.



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Author Details:

Name: A�Mahdi Yami


University:A�Donghua University

Major: A�PhD student in Economic Management