CUCAS is now holding an essay competition between foreign students to share their experience in China. Many of them have replied us and asked for the competition details. (If you dona��t know, go to see the details>>) In this article, Ia��ll explain this competition and give you tips on how to get the prize.

1. Eligibility

Many students ask the eligibility, I choose some particular questions like following:

  • Q1: I am now in my home country now, but I had studied in China before, can I join this competition?
  • Q2: I didna��t apply Chinese university through CUCAS, can I join this competition?
  • Q3: I am now in China, studying the 4 weeks Chinese language course, can I join the competition?

My answer is: all of you can join the competition!

No matter you are in China now or before, no matter you apply through CUCAS or not, no matter you are short term student or long term student, you can all join this competition.

Eligibility: Self-supported foreign students who are studying in China now or had studied in China before (both non-degree and degree students are eligible).

2. Rules

You are eligible to join this competition. But you will lose the chance to win the competition if you dona��t follow the rules:

  1. Submit essay by email to:
  2. Write in English with at least 2,000 words.
  3. Send the essay by doc or PDF. If there are photos or videos added in the essay, send them by attachment separately.
  4. Leave your information in the email: name, nationality, university, major and how you apply Chinaa��s universities.

In brief:

Send the at least 2,000 word essay by word or PDF attachment to Dona��t forget to leave your personal information in the email.

3. Tips to win

This competition gives clearly judgment method. The full mark is 100. CUCAS will grade your essay by these parts.

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Parts Score
Including the topic (3 parts) 10
Accurate information, detail description, helpful to the future students 50
Expression vividly(with photos or videos) 10
Unique experience, feeling, perspective 10

We can see the most score point is the second part: Accurate information, detail description, helpful to the future students. If you can get great score in this part, I think you can easily get the prize. It requests you describe the details experience in China and this would be helpful to the future students.

The aim is to share your experience to help the future students. You can try to imagine what the future students want to know and you can write for them.

I suggest you describe the problems you met in China and how to solve them. This would be helpful to future students to avoid that. You can also describe your daily study, the lab and the teachers. Then the future students will learn about the university.

Hope your article is helpful to more future students, and hope you can win the competition get the Christmas big gift!