>> Full Free CUCAS Service to Apply Chinese Universities

From January 20th 2014, CUCAS service fee will be waived for foreign students who use our service to apply to Chinese universities.

To encourage more students to use CUCAS service, we now announce that CUCAS willA�exemptA�former university application service fee after January 20th 2014, which means that CUCAS university application service will be free of charge with no application amount limited.

Past 6 years turn out that 95% users have recommended CUCAS online application service. Therefore, in order to be beneficial for our users, CUCAS now starts to carry out some new policy toA�give our users award & discounts. All of CUCAS staff are constantly trying to do everything a little better, a little simpler and more efficiently.
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With ONLY paying application fee directly charged by the university, students can enjoyA�the FULL FREE CUCAS service package with high quality like always, which includes:

  • Answer all calls within 60 seconds
  • Process applications within 24 hours of submission to CUCAS
  • Release admission decision online once receiving the decision from the university
  • Respond to emails within one working day
  • Deliver Admission Package by DHL
  • Free Accommodation Booking Service
Important Tips:
a) The application fee, which is directly charged by the universities,A�should be paid case byA�case.
b) Students who paid the CUCAS service fee from November 1st 2013 to January 19th 2014, willA�enjoy a free CUCAS airport pickup service worthA�$100. For details, please email admission@cucas.cn for further planning.
c) CUCAS $50 promotion code on deduction on service feeA�will be invalid after January 20th 2014.

>> 95% of Users Recommended CUCAS Online Application Service

CUCAS was set up in 2008, with support from China’s universities to act as an online liaison between students and universities. We aim to help students make appropriate choices about higher education in China, and guide them and their parents through the application process.

The mission of CUCAS is to create a better solution for the overseas students getting into Chinaa��s universities. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of efficient, fast and safe admission service to Chinaa��s Universities and international students.

In the past 6 years, CUCAS not only helped thousands of students get into Chinese universities, but also helped them solve problems during their study in China. 95% of users recommended CUCAS Online Application Service.

See the Video on Facebook about howA�a student says about CUCAS service.

(Cana��t visit Facebook? View it through http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjYxNTExOTEy.html)

>> New CUCAS Award & Discounts

Along with the big adjustment of exempting all CUCAS service fee, we are now also implementing new award & discounts policy. CUCAS users can earn award or discounts off future invoices by making contributions to CUCAS!

a�?A�Refer a Friend—Value $30 before Feb 28th 2014

Any CUCAS user could refer friends to use CUCAS to apply Chinese universities. If one of your friends do use our serive, we will give you $30 credit to your CUCAS account. You will be notified by email ifA�your friendsA�use CUCAS service. After Feb 28th 2014, terms and conditionsA�above areA�still valid, only the credit issuedA�willA�be deducted as $10 per/person.A�A�See Details >>