2013 Yan'an Road Campus Map_a�???�

International students will study at Donghua University Yan’an road campus. There are 3 gates: west gate on the Zhongshan road, north gate on the Yan’an road and south gate near Anshun road. The facilities which exclusive for international students are on theA�northwesternA�of A�the campus near the north gate.

1. International culture exchange school(ICES)

international culture exchange school

These offices are in this building:

  • International student admissions department/ International exchange department: room 121
  • International student service department: room 122
  • Chinese programs department: room 123
  • Faculty of Chinese language: north area on the 1st floor

2.A�Teaching & research building(TRB)

teaching & research building


It has multimedia classrooms. The American CET-Shanghai Program are taught here.

Studying room: room 106, room 109 Mon-Fri 12:30-22:00

Retiring room for students:on the 2nd floor

3.A�International education center building(IECB)

international education center building


This building is in the middle of the campus, near west gate, next to the playground.

These offices are in this IECB:

  • Degree programs department: room 108
  • Student activity department: roon 108
  • Center of International programs-CIP: room 100
  • International Student’s Association: room 105
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Room 111: studying, speaking andA�listening practice, internet. Mon-Fri 1p.m-5p.m

Uni Cafe: on the 1st floor with free WIFI

The reading roomA�exclusive for international students. Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00, you can read and study there, but can not borrow books.

4. DHU library



It is on the north side of the campus, near the TRB.A�StudentsA�can do self-study or reading with the students card.

Room 204: Family of International Student.A�International students can read and borrow books, papers and journals, use the internet, printing or photocopy service with the student card.

Open hours: Mon-Sat 8:15-11:30, 13:30-17:00(except Tues.); 17:00-22:00(Mon, Wed only)




The Gym is on the east of the campus. It has ping-pong, badminton, fitness center, indoor basketball court and rock climbing.

There are also outdoor football field, basketball court and tennis court around the gym.

Indoor gym and table tennis room: 8:30~11:30 13:30~16:30 on Sunday
Indoor basketball court and badminton court: 13:30~16:30 on Sunday
Outdoor Tennis court (fees charged, appointment required)
Mon.~Fri.: 6:00-15:00 (CNY 5/h) 15:00~17:00 (CNY 10/h) 17:00~18:00 (CNY 30/h)
Sat. & Sun.: 6:00~18:00 (CNY 30/h)

6. Fashion & Art Design Institue

fashion & art design institute


It is on the east side next to the IECB. Fashion and art design is one of the key programs in DHU, many international students study this program.

7. School of business&management(glorious sun building)

16 school of business&management(glorious sun building)


Bachelor of Management in Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Economics in International Trade (BIT)

8.A�Student service center

student service center


It is near the TRB next to outdoor basketball court,A�including supermarket, book store, barbershop etc. Telephone, phone card, mobile phone card, electronic products, printing and photocopy, express delivery and optical service are available.

9. International Student Apartment Building(ISAs)

ISAs 3

ISAs 3





There are 3 international student apartments on theA�northwestern of the campus.A� It provide 3 types of rooms, more than 900 beds.

Learn more about the room type and the price>>


There are several dinning halls on campus, including one Muslima��s canteen. Food card is required for having meals in any of the canteens. The cost for the meals is around CNY 20~30/day.
Canteen No. 1 (1st floor, 2nd floor): Breakfast 6:30~10:30 Lunch: 10:30~13:00 Dinner: 16:30~19:00
Canteen No. 2 (1st floor, 2nd floor): Breakfast 6:30~10:30 Lunch: 10:30~13:00 Dinner: 16:30~19:00
Muslima��s Canteen (3rd floor of Canteen No. 2): Breakfast 6:30~10:30 Lunch: 10:30~13:00 Dinner: 16:30~19:00
DHU Restaurant (3rd floor of Canteen No. 1): Ordering service (Lunch or Dinner) Food card and cash are acceptable.
**Food card: Purchasing, Reporting the Loss and Refunding in Office 122 of ICES, Top-up on the 2nd floor of Canteen No.1

11. Banks & ATM

Bank of China

West Yan’an Road Branch: No. 1988 West Yan’an Road(1st floor of Rainbow Hotel), near the west gate.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

West Zhongshan Road Branch: No. 999 West Zhongshan Road(near Anshun Road), near the south gate.


Zhongshan Park Branch: No. 1018 Changning Road(1st floor of Cloud Nine Plaza)

ATM machines:

  • 1st floor of No.1 Teaching Building
  • Next to the door of Shanghai Education Supermarket at Student Service Center
  • In Kedi Convenience Store at No.1796 West Yan’an Road(near Tianshan Road)
  • In Bank of China atA�No. 1988 West Yan’an Road(1st floor of Rainbow Hotel)