On June 15th, the Fifth Beijing Chinese Star Contest of Foreign Students ended. American student Gao Muhong, Mongolian students Batusana of BLCU were awarded “Top Ten Chinese Star” title. BLCU has become the only university who had two students awarded “Top Ten Chinese Star” title in Beijing, and won the “Outstanding Organization Award.” Two teachers, Feng Weigang from College of Humanities and Wang Dongling from Student Affairs Office, won the “Outstanding Counselor Award.”

After intense competition of two sessions ” Scenarios show ” and “talent competion”, two BLCU students stood out and won the “Top Ten Chinese Star” title with solid language skills and superb stage presence stand, living up to the school’s expectations.

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is the only international university in China focusing on teaching the Chinese language and culture to non-Chinese students around the world. If you want to learn Chinese language in China, BLCU is a good choice.

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