LATEST NEWS (updated on 2014/1/20):A�

From 2014/1/20, CUCAS no longer charges any service fee, but will offer high quality service package as always.

Students ONLY need to pay the application fee which is directly charged by the university. Please also noted that CUCAS is authorized to collect the application fee on the universities’ behalf.

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From November 1st 2013, CUCAS service fee will be adjusted to $100 for the non-degree programs (no more than 6 applications), and $150 for the degree programs (no more than 6 applications). The non-degree and degree programs should be paid respectively (ex. pay $250 if you apply the non-degree and the degree programs at one time).

The adjustment aims to cover the continuously rising working cost and meanwhile, to offer the more than perfect service. The past 5 years witnessed the rapid progress of CUCAS, and today, it has become China’s largest university application platform and the most popular service institution for foreign students. We promise to provide high quality products and good service for every one of you. We are your best choice.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email to

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