Write down your study and life experience in China, submit the essay before Dec 7th. You will get CUCAS Christmas gift: ipad mini, ipod shuffle or online study card. Total prize is over RMB 10,000.


Theme: Study and life experience in Chinaa��s university
  • The essay must including these 3 parts:
  • 1) Application experience:
  • The process of applying Chinaa��s university, the problems you met during this process and how to solve them etc.
  • 2) Study experience:
  • Your opinion about the teaching quality, your study method and how to prepare for the exam etc.
  • 2) Life experience:
  • University guide (such as the teaching building, dining hall, dorm), how to save money, how to rent a house etc.
  • *we list the index of each part, you can add your own opinion about it.




Self-supported foreign students who are studying in China now or had studied in China before (both non-degree and degree students are eligible).

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Submission requirements

  • 1) Submit essay by email to:A�event@cucas.cn.
  • 2) Write in English with at least 2,000 words.
  • 3) Send the essay by doc or PDF. If there are photos or videos added in the essay, send them by attachment separately.
  • 4) Leave your information in the email: name, nationality, university, major and how you apply Chinaa��s universities.

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