CUCAS now is providing Free Bicycles viagra store. for you during your stay in Beijing, no matter how long your semester will last. If A�you apply to BLCU through CUCAS, you can borrow a bicycle for free with the easiest procedure:

1. Apply Online

2. Come to choose a bicycle

3. Pay the deposit
A bicycle will not only make your living in the campus more convenient and more efficient, but also will bring you an impressive memory during your stay in Beijing. You can ride a bike through the Hutongs enjoying the unique taste of the Old Beijing; you can ride to the Great Wall with your friends to enjoy an outdoor weekend together; you can spend a leisure afternoon riding around Houhai to taste various snacka��

However, most students drop the plan of taking a bike for their semester might only last 4 weeks or 3 months in Beijing, and how to deal with this bike when they leave the city will be a problem. Now, CUCAS is launching a brand new service, which will clean all these troubles for you, the Free Bicycle Service! Come to apply for this service immediately, and you will get a bicycle FOR FREE if A�you apply to BLCU through CUCAS.


Come to us, and enjoy the fun of riding!