This chart is about the changes on China’s new visa rules.A�The charta��s information was originally published on theA�Library of Congress Web site

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Old Visa System New visa
D visa Resident visa, issued to permanent residents D visa No significant changes found
Z visa Employment/work visa, issued to foreign workers and their accompanying family members Z1 visa Issued to foreign workers working over 90 days
Z2 visa Issued to foreign workers working no longer than 90 days
X visa Student visa, issued to students and others coming to China for training or internship for a period of six months or more X1 visa For long-term study
X2 visa For short-term study
F visa Business visa, issued to persons invited to give lectures or for official visits; for purposes of business, scientific, technological, or cultural exchanges; or for short-term studies or internships lasting less than six months F visa Non-business visa, issued to persons for purposes of non-business (scientific, educational, cultural, health, sports) exchanges and visits
L visa Tourist visa, issued to persons entering China for tourism, to visit relatives, or for other private purposes L visa Will generally remain the same, and a group L visa will be added for tourists traveling in groups
G visa Transit visa; G visa No significant changes found
C visa Crew visa, issued to crew members performing duties on board an international train or aircraft, and their accompanying family members C visa Issued to crew members performing duties on board a foreign aircraft, train, bus, or ship, or to family members of ship crews
J visa Journalist visa, issued to foreign journalists J1 visa Issued to resident foreign journalists
J2 visa Issued to foreign journalists for shorta��term stays
M visa New business visa, issued to persons coming for business and trade activities
Q1 visa Family reunion visa, issued to family members [children] of Chinese citizens or permanent residents, including children left in China to be taken care of by Chinese relatives
Q2 visa Issued to foreigners visiting Chinese citizens and permanent residents for a short term
R1 visa Issued to foreign professionals who are highly skilled or whose skill is urgently needed by China, and who will be residing in China
R2 visa Issued to the R-1 types of foreign professionals staying in China for a short term
S visa Issued to foreigners coming to China for private activities. including marriage, inheritance, and adoption, or for medical services


Students who want to come to China should pay attention on these changes:

X Visas, the student/internship visas previously issued for 180 days, have been split intoA�X1A�(long-term) andA�X2A�(short-term).

F Visas, for commercial/business visits, are now calledA�M Visas.

F VisasA�are now for short-term, non-commercial purposes (scientific, educational, cultural, health or sports).

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