In retrospect of my past of my few days working as an intern editor, I heartily felt happy for the favors we did to students and how CUCAS solved every problem students might encounter had they applied directly to the university.

  • My First Work Experiencei?s

As an intern editor who was about to graduate and has no working experience whatsoever, I, for the first time of my life had opportunity of full participation in this campaign. Just as an old Chinese saying goes, a minute on the stage takes ten years of practice. To help students register, we started to make preparations one week before the registration and work overtime almost every day, but nonetheless there were accidents we cannot anticipate.

But you can never prepare too well. Sometimes half a daya��s work or even hours of working overtime turns out to be totally futile efforts.

  • Amazing Volunteer Experiencei?s

When it comes to the volunteer experience, it falls into cloying clichA�. Everybody who did volunteer job would tell you the same words. Ita��s amazing to see the look on the faces of students you just helped even if you are extremely exhausted.

Sometimes the student was too tired to think about where to go and what to do. When this happens, our volunteers would guide them through the whole registration process. Seeing their troubles gone, you just felt all you did was worth it. Sometimes I dona��t think our works deserve the praises that we have received. I recall this Vietnamese girl with her family. Our volunteers just did her a little favor, but her whole family couldna��t stop thanking us and we all were overwhelmed by their appreciation, which made me feel like we just saved someonea��s life. Maybe we just did!

I felt that any student who applied for Chinese Universities through CUCAS was lucky, because it eliminates every trouble you might meet when applying directly to the University and students dona��t need to pay any money at all for these excellent services. All CUCASers are dedicated to make students application process an enjoyable experience, and I am so proud to be a member of them!