On June 9th, the opening ceremony of the 9th Harvard Beijing Academy Project jointly hosted by Beijing Language and Culture University  (BLCU) and Harvard University was held in BLCU. About 102 students came from Harvard University, Yale University and other famous schools attended the ceremony.

Found in 2005, and held every summer holiday, Harvard Beijing Academy was a Chinese study project jointly started by BLCU and Harvard University. And this one was the 9th, and more than 700 students from Harvard and Yale University participated the project. There were 9 weeks in each project, and the project took a training model of Combination of big-size class and small-size class. Through social investment, cultural tour, Chinese language partner, cultural lectures, and visit Chinese families, the students’ Chinese level and understanding of Chinese society and culture were enforced.

If you want to strengthen your Chinese level in  Beijing Language and Culture University , you can check the follow  Chinese programs :

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Program Starting Date Duration of Study Class hrs/wk Tuition Fee Application Deadline
Summer Chinese Programs for Teenagers Jul.11 2013 6 Week 20 RMB 4800 In total Jul.08 2013
Short-term Intensive Chinese Programs Sep.12 2013 1 Semester 30 RMB 19100 In total Jul.16 2013
Elementary Chinese Training Courses Sep.09 2013 1 Year 20 RMB 23200 In total Jul.16 2013
Summer Chinese Programs Aug.01 2013 4 Week 20 RMB 3500 In total Jul.29 2013

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