By: Helen Mason

It was winter when I came to Xian.A� I remember there was a smearing of ice on the streets and the temperature stayed around zero degrees for weeks.A� April brought the spring and the magnolias flowered in the yard down stairs.A� It brought a new beginning into my being; in Xian there was much to learn, explore and enjoy.A� A wonderful two year chapter began for me.

After a working life of almost twenty years, including time in Hong Kong and studying some Cantonese, I looked for an opportunity to study Chinese in the mainland.A� Xian seemed a good location choice. A�I had heard that Xian Mandarin was quite standard and Xian was an ancient city, full of history and culture.

I was fortunate that a Canadian student needed a room-mate and I could move in with her in a fourth floor apartment. From the outside, our apartment looks old, but inside ita��s nice.A� Renting a house in China is not a a�?piece of cakea�? experience.A� Living on-campus is a good choice for new-comers to China; I wouldna��t recommend a newly arrived student to find their own house to rent. Finding an English speaking land agent is unlikely.A� Checking out apartments for several days is tiring and then there is quite a lot of paperwork a�� all in Chinese.A� After you get the keys, work just begins!A� The kitchen alone may take a day or more to clean, as Chinese people love to cook with oil and every possible kitchen surface will be oily.A� Fixing leaking pipes and toilets is always a challenge in older apartments which are the cheapest to rent at around 1500-2000 yuan/month.

Within 24 hours of arriving in China, I needed to register at the police station, so my room-mate took me to the police office in Xiao Zhai.A� Because of the New Year holiday, the office was closed, so we returned on the first day the office re-opened.A� The process was simple enough and the policewoman helped to fill out my address in Chinese characters.A� A temporary residence permit was granted to me!

I had been recommended to a private school, so I started classes soon after arriving.A� I needed to change my working visa to a student visa; this meant I needed a health check.A� I found the clinic on Huang Guang Road (following a Xian map) and after queuing, registering, coming back the next day, having the health check and then collecting the report a few days later, I gained a health check clearance!A� The school finalized all my student visa application documents and I went to the Public Securities Bureau on Ke Ji Road to submit all the documents in the office on the second floor.A� The place to pay the fee is next door on the first floor, so the process is a little confusing the first time.A� After the visa was completed one or two weeks later, I collected my passport and was told to re-register at the local police station.

After more than a year studying one-to-one at the private school, I felt I needed a more in-depth intensive Chinese program.A� Over the years Ia��ve studied from Chinese Made Easier, New Practical Chinese Reader and Developing Chinese text books.A� I decided to visit the Xian International University and ask about their Chinese courses.A� I found the office staff helpful and efficient a�� I could start in September and they would assist in doing documents for my new student visa.A� The entrance exam was at the beginning of the term.A� From the exam result, students gained placement into appropriate classes and the results were posted that same afternoon in the university lobby.A� Classes started next morning.A� Each week there are 20 hours of class, Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 12.00 noon.A� Homework never ends; speaking, listening, writing and reading!A� The teaching style is intensive, informative, structured and well prepared.A� The modernization of teaching equipment is impressive with smart boards, PPTa��s and videos.A� The teachers are experienced, conservative, punctual, and dedicated.A� There are elective classes available in the afternoons if students have time.A� By attending classes regularly and keeping up with homework, I hope exam preparation wona��t be too difficult.

Now ita��s autumn and the university is full of autumn colors.A� The campus is well maintained.A� Each morning I go to a small convenience store within the campus and buy a hot tea for just three yuan (and thata��s the big cup!).A� The shop staff are friendly and remember that I have one small sugar.A� Personal service in such a massively populated country is very impressive!A� Many of my class mates live on-campus.A� They can easily be on time for class and have a protected student life, eating at the various canteens/cafes on campus.A� Campus living is cheap and convenient.

Before I came to China, a foreign friend told me about his experience in China.A� One night he had a dream.A� He dreamed of a supermarket full of bread!A� After I took my first bit of Chinese sweetened bread I understood his dream.A� I too wished for whole-meal solid bread.A� I found it at Xian Metro!A� Food shopping in China is quite easy a�� I can buy fresh green vegetables of all shapes, sizes and descriptions from a street cart at my gate for next to nothing!A� Some vegetables I have never seen in my life a�� China has unequalled food variety.A� All fruit and vegetables are cheap at the wet market, which is just a few minutesa�� walk from our house.A� New large supermarkets appear near most residential areas, but I recommend the wet market for price and freshness.A� For take away food and a cultural/local experience, nothing compares to the barbeque beef, lamb and squid kebabs in the Muslim Quarter near the Bell Tower.A� The idiom a�?when in Rome do as the Romans doa�? is so applicable.A� The more I can adapt to being a�?Chinesea�?, the more money I save and the better I eat!

Having a good map and a a�?bus booka�? has been very beneficial and I have found the Xian bus system very convenient a�� albeit very crowded.A� A Xian bus driver must have eternal patience.A� At peak hour, the bus door works like a people-press!A� A pre-paid travel card makes taking public transport easier a�� no queuing for tickets in the metro or fumbling through your bag for change!A� There is extensive work in progress on the Xian metro, recently number one metro line opened, following number two line which has been open for quite some time.A� The most northern station of the city metro arrives at the High-Speed Rail train station a�� from there you can arrive in Beijing in less than five hours or Hua Shan North station in 34 minutes!A� Taxis are in short supply at rush hour, so the bus is a good option at that time a�� if you can get on that is!A� Airport bus stations are positioned at seven points around the city, providing convenient travel to and from the airport.

A Chinese frienda��s mother said she would find a second hand bicycle for me to ride to university to save me from the over-crowded buses; she did!A� We went to appraise it in the basement of her apartment.A� For 30 yuan I purchased a functioning well-loved bicycle.A� After a few weeks, one tire went flat.A� I found the bike repair store in a small alley near our house.A� The repair man efficiently opened the tire and looked at the tube.A� The previous owner had repaired the tube twelve times no less!A� The repair man asked if I would like to buy another tube patch or a new tube?A� For 15 yuan I decided on a new tube!A�A� I enjoy my ride to school, and pass Ba Li Village just for the a�?crowd experiencea�? and the smell of spicy noodles, frying for the school childrena��s breakfast.A� The gas flames from under the woks leap in the air as the people crowd by unwittingly; merging, rushing and overtaking in a continuous stream of humanity.

Studying in Xian has given me a great opportunity to travel to famous places near and far.A� The Terracotta Warriors near Xian was an easy day outing, with buses leaving from Bell Tower regularly for just 7 or 8 yuan.A�A� Some tourist agencies also offer chauffer services at good prices for when family or friends visit.A� Xian has been a great central location for travel to the north, east, south and west.A� HohHot in Inner Mongolia introduced me to the Mongolian minority people; their hospitality and salty milk tea were outstanding!A� On the High-Speed train, Luoyang was an easy visit to the east a�� the best place to see a China national favorite, the peony flowers (April/May).A� To the west, visiting Lanzhou, Xining and Qinghai Lake gave me an introduction to Chinaa��s beautiful, raw and broad western provinces and the a�?mothera�� Yellow River.A� To the south of Xian lies the beautiful Qin Ling mountain range, providing a natural boundary between the north and south of the country.A� There is much to explore on weekends, public holidays and university vacation.

Last year I decided to try for my Chinese driving license.A� I went to the Xiao Zhai police office to ask where I could sit the exam for the driving license.A� I was sent to the office of the Traffic Police just a few streets away.A� A helpful Traffic Police Officer gave me the address of the correct government department, a massive office south of Xian.A� I took a taxi and arrived at the bustling office and found out that I needed my passport and Australian driving license translated and also needed to have a health check at another location.A� The health check was less involved than the school-health check, so I completed the health check that same day.A� The Transport Authority gave me an address of a company to translate my passport and driving license, so I took a taxi to find that office.A� After 24 hours, I collected the paperwork and then returned to the Transport Authority to ask when I could sit the driving license exam.A� I had 24 hours to prepare for the computer test (English available) of 100 questions from a possible 1300 questions!A� A�I used a very useful app a�?China Drivea�? to study all the questions and passed the exam the following day.A� Two hours after passing the exam, my Chinese driving license was completed.A� There are some car rental companies that offer small cars for rent for about 200 yuan/day.A�A� I was thankful for my school application process experience which taught me many things about making formal applications in China:A� providing and submitting the correct documentation is so important.

I feel safe in China.A� Our apartment block has a watch-lady who seems to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.A� She clears the rubbish daily from the bins downstairs and sweeps the stairs once a year!A� Notices are posted on the wall of her small office when we need to pay bills like heating (once a year, it costs about 2000 yuan), rubbish collection fee (120 yuan/year), etc.A� There is a covered area for bicycle parking.A� Our apartment block seems to have many retired people living in it; they often accumulate at the gate to reminisce together.A� On summer evenings the grandpas roll their singlets above their bellies and sit on small stools to chat and smoke.A� The children ride bicycles up and down the path, chatting happily.A� As I walk by, they call, a�?Hello, how are you?A� I am fine thank you!a�? as if reading from their English text book.A� Recently it was time to pay our winter heating.A� There were no details given of when to pay it, so standing by the notice, I used my best Chinese to ask an elderly neighbor when the money was to be paid.A� She said, a�?Ita��s about heatinga�?.A� Yes, I knew it was about heating, but when was it to be paid?A� a�?Ita��s about heatinga�? she said repeatedly in Chinese.A� a�?Ita��s about heatinga�?.A� a�?Ita��s about heatinga�?.A� She seemed to think repetition would teach me everything.A� Sometimes ita��s difficult for Chinese people to really believe a foreign face can speak Chinese!A� I smiled, warmly told her there was no problem, and climbed the stairs to home.A� The next week I saw neighbors queuing at the watch-ladya��s window.A� a�?Ita��s about heating!a�? – it was time to pay.A� The water gurgled in the pipes, and the central heating came on two days earlier than we expected.

The spring is sleeping soundly before waking the brave magnolias next April.A� As I reflect, I think of my studies at Xian International Studies University as informative schooling, but I think of my complete China experience as unsurpassable education.A� I have the brilliant opportunity to use what I learn in the classroom in my everyday life.A� Time has flown.A� Therea��s just one month left of school term with my classmates from all over the world.A� Wherever I go, whatever I do, I know my experience in China has extended my education, enriched my memories and fulfilled my life.A� China, amazing China, you have challenged and helped me grow:A� you have changed me forever.


Author Details:

Name:A� Helen Mason

Nationality:A� Australian

University:A� Xi’an International Studies University

Major:A�A�A�non-degree Chinese program

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