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CYU Newsletter A� A�2013 No.6


35 Students Awarded Beijing Government Scholarship

In fall 2013 semester, CYU Scholarship Committee selected 35 Beijing Government Scholarship winners, including 7 a�?Excellent New Degree Studenta�? awards, 9 a�?Excellent Studenta�? awards and 19 a�?Excellent Chinese Language Studenta�? awards. The total amount of the scholarship is 150, 500 RMB.

The scholarships are funded by Beijing government and the university. The scholarships are given as tuition waivers.


Chinese Cultural Lecture: mexican pharmacies no prescription.

Peking Opera

On November 22, the Chinese cultural lecture a�� Peking Opera for Beijing foreign students was held in National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. This lecture was sponsored by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and undertaken by Beijing International Education and ExchangeCenter and National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. Twenty-seven CYU students from Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Poland, and several hundred students from other universities took part in this activity.

Su Donghua, the vice director of the Department of Performance gave a vivid lecture about Peking Opera to the international students. Peking Opera is the treasure of Chinese traditional culture; this lecture will deepen foreign studentsa�� understanding of Chinese culture.

26th CYU Singing Competition



On November 23, the 26th Singing Competition of CYU was held in the Peoplea��s LiberationArmyMusic Hall. Our American student Hua Mulan reached the finals and became one of a�?Top 10 Singers of CYUa�?.

Hua Mulan was very active to participate in this competition. Although it was a lot of work to make the preparations which took three weeks, she made many Chinese friends in the process and enjoyed the whole competition.




Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)

Working as one of the authorized HSK test centers, CYU organized HSK level 4 and level 5 tests on December 1. There were 22 foreign students taking part in the tests. The key point of HSK test is to check foreign studenta��s communication ability in life, study and work by using Chinese. The results of HSK test provide references for students and schools to understand their Chinese proficiency.




Prize-winning works of DV Creation Contest

On December 5th, our school announced the awards list of DV creation contest. After a fierce competition, seven works won the prizes: International Students won the second prize and third prize winners were Our Class D, Life in Beijing, Chinaa��s Success and Welcome to Beijing.

This activity promoted the foreign cultural exchanges, and deepened the studentsa�� understanding and love for China; moreover, this activity enriched the studenta��s life in China and improved the studentsa�� learning consciousness and innovation consciousness.


New Year Party

On December 19, our school held the New Year party in the canteen. All teachers and students and student tutors took part in this party.



During the event, the scholarship award ceremony was held. Each group of students went to the stage to receive the certificates and took pictures together with the teachers.

Each class prepared a wonderful PPT to show the charm and attraction of their class, touching,

refreshing, and unique.

Western style buffet dinner was provided to all the participants. At the same time, prize-winning works of 2013 Beijing Creation Contest were displayed on the big screen.



2013 Annual Conference of Beijing Association of Foreign Studentsa�� Administration

Beijing Association of Foreign Studentsa�� Administration 2013 Annual Conference was held On December 20. This conference was sponsored by Beijing Association of Foreign Studentsa�� Administration and undertaken by BeijingForeignStudiesUniversity. The Ministry of Education (Department of International Cooperation and Exchange), Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (Exit-Entry Administration), China Ping An Insurance Company (Beijing Branch) and foreign student administrators from over 70 universities participated in this conference.

The Executive Council of the association held the meeting to elect new council members. Representatives from 29 executive member universities voted and chose the new chairman, vice-chairmen and secretary general of the Executive Council. CYU was elected as Deputy Secretary General of the Executive Council.