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University of International Business and Economics

Campus Facilities in UIBE

  >>> Teaching Building Chengxin BuildingThe building is one of the most time-honored buildings in the university and was erected when UIBE was built. Chengxin Building mainly contains teachersa�� offices and many meeting rooms. The Deana��s Office is located on the 6th floor and students can go there to get advice and help concerning courses...

Transportation around University of International Business and Economics(UIBE)

1. Public Transportation Transportation around UIBE is quite convenient for students. There are generally two subway stations near UIBE and several bus stations. (1)Subway UIBE is 800 meters from Huixinxijienankou Station (??�?��e??e?�a?�a??c��), which is a interchange station between line 5 and line 10. Line 10, the second loop line in Beijing, is an important line...