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Chongqing Medical University Offers Places for CSC Scholarship!

  For any Master and Doctoral students who would like to enroll in 2014 Fall Semester and also gain the Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC), Chongqing Medical University (CMU) still has places open to apply regarding the following master and doctoral programs! >> About CMU Chongqing Medical University is a key medical university in China and...

My Dreams and Destiny–Iranian students’ journey to Donghua University

By:A�Mahdi Yami   A. My Dreams and Destiny I called to my mom, beepa�� beepa�� beepa��, she didna��t answer her phone, I was so nervous and became so jittery, after a while she answered, helloa��, but I couldna��t talk and like a baby just cried. She called my name and got worry on my crying...