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My Dreams and Destiny–Iranian students’ journey to Donghua University

By:A�Mahdi Yami   A. My Dreams and Destiny I called to my mom, beepa�� beepa�� beepa��, she didna��t answer her phone, I was so nervous and became so jittery, after a while she answered, helloa��, but I couldna��t talk and like a baby just cried. She called my name and got worry on my crying...

Dining at BLCU and Halal Food in Beijing

Have you ever tried Chinese food? Did you like it? Was it very different? Chinese food is one of the most delicious and healthy foods in the world. You can find a variety of food in China. Again different parts of China have different diets. Wherever you are coming from, no worry, you can still...

My experience on applying university in China – Tips for Iranian students

As an Iranian student studying Master at Beijing Language and Culture University I would like to share my own experience of applying China university with anybody who plans to study in China. How to Find the University In the last year of my BA in Chinese language and literature I started looking for a university...