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8 Steps to do the School Registration in China

If you apply China’s universtiy through CUCAS, you may already in China for the 2013 fall semester. Yesterday, CUCAS helped a student to do the registration in University of International Business and Economics. There are 8 steps to do the school registration, we will show you how to do it. When you do the registration...

Reliable CUCAS, Help You Solve All the Problems of Applying University in China

CUCAS Help Every Student Who Want to Study in China CUCAS is the leader of Chinese university application service providers. We help CUCAS’s user to apply university and provide other service after applying. We also help other students who want to study in China. Students have any question can email us or contact our counselor...

Apply Through CUCAS is More Convenient than You Apply to the University Directly

Some students ask the difference between apply through CUCAS and apply to the university directly. It is a good question and we give the reply as below: caanadian drugs. Items Apply to school directly Apply through CUCAS Official Yes Yes Easy to contact No Yes Course Consulting No Yes English speaking staffs Few staffs speak...