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China Youth University for Political Sciences

CYU Scholarship Exclusively for CUCAS Students Available Nowi??

After a long time of good and friendly partnership with China Youth University For Political Sciences (CYU), the university now offers exclusive scholarships for overseas students who will apply through CUCAS and would like to study in CYU. Here are the details: Scholarship Amount: First-class: 4500RMB Second-class:3000RMB Scholarship Quota (per semester): First-class: 1 Second-class: 2...

Latest Newsletter shares from China Youth University for Political Sciences (CYU)

Find more about CYU(a?�a�?e?�a???�???�a��e�?) >>>   CYU Newsletter A� A�2013 No.6   35 Students Awarded Beijing Government Scholarship In fall 2013 semester, CYU Scholarship Committee selected 35 Beijing Government Scholarship winners, including 7 a�?Excellent New Degree Studenta�? awards, 9 a�?Excellent Studenta�? awards and 19 a�?Excellent Chinese Language Studenta�? awards. The total amount of the scholarship...