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China University of Petroleum

Major Buildings in CUPB

Welcome to China University of Petroleum-Beijing (CUPB), a place might be described as scenery and would definitely be a perfect choice for you to stay to learn knowledge. This university is located in the downtown of Changping county, about 30 kilometers away from the main city zone of Beijing. Firstly let’s have a look at...

Food and Restaurant around China University of Petroleum-Beijing

  As an international student of China University of Petroleum – Beijing (CUPB), there might be no need for you to worry about what to eat and youa��ll have so many perfect choices both in and out of the campus. >>> On Campus Canteen No.1 canteen (4)It is the biggest one with four floors in...

Study and life experience in China University of petroleum

Hello! My name is keitumetse S Mhlanga and Ia��m twenty-one years old. I’m from Zimbabwe but I live in Botswana. I’m now studying inA�China University of Petroleum (Huadong). How I Apply the University When I graduated from high school my mind was full of confusion in terms of what I wanted to study and where....