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Beijing Normal University

BNU MAP and Important Offices for Foreign Students

1.A�Jingshi building(a?�a??a��aZ�) It is in the southeast of the university near south gate.A�TheA�International Student Office (room 9910)is in here. 2. Main building(a?�???) It is near the Jingshi building. TheA�College of Chinese Language and Culture office is in here, roomA�B305.   3. Library   You can borrow books here and study here. Open hours: Monday –...

Transportation around Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal UniversityA�is located in central Beijing, so transportation isA�convenient. Go to BNU from the airport 1. Free airport pick-up Service In the new semester, BNU staff will go to the airport to pick up BNU students. You have to book this service on BNU website a month before. You have to show them your...