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Beijing Foreign Studies University

Third Prize of CUCAS Essay Competition–Artur Tszyan

Theme: a�?Study and life experience in Chinaa��s universitya�? a�?Changesa�?   Less than two years ago, I was hopelessly into clubbing, playing billiards and street racing. Simply put, I didna��t want to do anything except have fun. I was just cruising through life, spending my time on useless pleasures. Looking at my reflection in the mirror...

Third Prize of CUCAS Essay Competition–Jufilin Wijaya

A� Study & Life Experiences in China Back there in the year 2010 when I was still sitting in my high school chair, I had no clue of where I was going to obtain and pursue my bachelor degree. I was nervous, anxious, and solicitous and all that when I thought about my future. At...

Applying to Chinese University- for British students

Applying to Chinese Universities levitra trial. After spending 6 months working in Shanghai in 2010, IA�realizedA�I wanted to apply to a Chinese University to do my degree. In China as you can imagine there is a lot of universities and going to each one and discovering what they offer is very time consuming and also...