Have you ever tried Chinese food? Did you like it? Was it very different? Chinese food is one of the most delicious and healthy foods in the world. You can find a variety of food in China. Again different parts of China have different diets. Wherever you are coming from, no worry, you can still find some Chinese food at Beijing language and Culture University, similar to your countrya��s food. Here I would like to introduce the restaurants inside BLCU And also Halal food in Beijing.

There are restaurants in everywhere is China, you can see small snack bars, vendors and big restaurants are all full of people at nights.

Dining Hall

The dining hall located near the south door, it is a very big building with 4 floors. You can find various sorts of foods in each floor. The first and second floor has more of a Chinese cuisine than the third floor. I usually serve my lunch in the third floor, I think the food in the third floor is more like the western style. Learn about Dining Hall in BLCU>>


dinning hall


The dinning hall provide three meals a day; breakfast about 7 to 9 in the morning, lunch from 11 to 2 and dinner about 5 to 7. The prices are really low. A typical food would only cost about 2 dollars. You can either take the food away or serve in the hall. The food is only sold by the student card, no cash would be acceptable. You can add your credit in the kiosks near to the staircase in each floor. In theA�fourthA�floor of the dining hall there are four restaurants. They serve Korean, Japanese and Thai cuisines. Dinning hall is usually a good place to study after lunch time.

student card
I recommend you not to go to the dinning hall from 12 to 13 Oa��clock. Because all classes are finished at 12 Oa��clock and most of the students go to the dinning hall at this hour. So sometimes it is difficult to buy food when it is that much busy there.

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Restaurants at BLCU

Just behind the library there is Langer restaurant which serves Chinese food. You can order food from 11 to 14 in the afternoon and from 17 to 20:30 at night.A� A typical food in Langer restaurant costs about 8 dollars.

Langer restaurant

In addition to restaurants you can find some coffee shops in the campus which serve fast food, coffee, tea, smoke and juices. They also offer free wireless internet.

Sauce Cafe is inside the library just beside the door.

Sauce  cafe

There is a supermarket and some small restaurants behind the basket ball court. In the picture below you can see a halal restaurant and the hookahs.


In front of the dormitory building 3 there is a small coffee shop which I think it is very similar to Iranian coffee shops, I really enjoy ita��s friendly environment. All of the food served in this shop are Halal.

Friend Cafe

Friend Cafe

There are also two small shops, one in front of teaching building 4 and the other one in front of teaching building 3 which sell beverages,A�sandwiches, hamburgers, snakes and junk food.

Chinese food features

Since China is wary wide, every part of China developed ita��s own particular cuisines. There are eight main cuisines in China; Sichuan, Shandong, Anhui, Hunan,Jiangsu, Fujian and Cantonese. Unlike Iran, in China you can find lota��s of sea food with a very good price. Chinese food usually contain more pork and beef rather than mutton.

My first time in the dinning hall was a little bit funny, I was not able to use chopsticks. However I learned it very soon. I am already accustomed to the Chinese eating habit after two months. What is strange with China is that you can not find a non-sweet bread here. I used to eat salty bread. But it cannot be found in any supermarkets in China. The good news is that after searching two months, finally I found a bakery near BLCU which sells salty bread. It is in the Wudaokou. You can also find many other restaurants there.

Wudaokou bakery


Halal food in China

Since there are Muslims in China, mostly from Hui clan and Xinjiang province, it is easy to find Halal food in China. There is a Halal restaurant beside the dinning hall in the campus.

Halal restaurant

In the Dunia Muslim restaurant they serve a�?Kababa�? which is Iraniana��s favourite food. The waiters and cooks are mostly Muslims from Xingjiang. The prices are not much higher that the dinning hall so Muslims wona��t have difficulties with the food at BLCU. There are also many halal foods available in super markets, you can identify halal foods with the ??�c?Y(qing zhen) sign on the pack. In Chinese this world means halal.


In addition, there is a street in Beijing called Niu street, which means a�?Cowa�?. There are many Halal restaurants, a Halal supermarket and a mosque. You can get there by subway. First go to the subway line 13 in Wudaokou. Then change to the subway line 2 at Xizhimen. Then get off the subway at Changchunjie station. There is about 20 minutes walk from the subway to the Niu street. You can also go by bus.

Niu street

Niu street

Niu street




If you wish cooking the food by yourself, you can buy the materials from a big supermarket 100 meters from the south door, beside the China Post Bank. There are different types of rice, flavorings and meats. As you know Chinese rice is quite different from the rice used by Iranian or other parts of the world. Thailand rice is more similar to the rice that non-chines people use to eat. The price is about 15 RMB per kilogram. As I noticed the prices in this supermarket are considerably cheaper than the small shops around the BLCU.

I hope you enjoy Chinese food in Beijing