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Monthly archive June, 2014

Browse More Websites Fasteri??

Have you ever encountered a confused situation that why I cannot log in my Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or even Gmail account in the mainland of China? Right, that is because the internet restriction policy here. BUT! Every problem always has a solution! Here, for CUCAS students, we have developed a partnership with Strongvpn, who offers...

3 Schools Extend Their Application Deadline for Autumn-term courses

For students who still want to apply and enroll in 2014 Autumn term A�programs, here are the good news. Wuhan University, Shenyang University and Shenyang Aerospace University have extended their application deadline for autumn-term programs. Below are the details: 1. Wuhan University Application deadline has been extended to 31st Jul, except for MBBS program. 2....

Recommended Combination of DHU Language Program

Donghua University offers various high-quality Chinese programs all the year round. Furthermore, it takes the lead in launching the Bridging English and Practical English Program completely taught by foreign teachers. According to their own needs, students can make a combination between the Chinese and English programs in order to make full use of the school...

CYU Scholarship Exclusively for CUCAS Students Available Nowi??

After a long time of good and friendly partnership with China Youth University For Political Sciences (CYU), the university now offers exclusive scholarships for overseas students who will apply through CUCAS and would like to study in CYU. Here are the details: Scholarship Amount: First-class: 4500RMB Second-class:3000RMB Scholarship Quota (per semester): First-class: 1 Second-class: 2...

New Partnerships, More Schools to Choose!

Recently, CUCAS has built partnerships with a few more Chinese schools. Here are the details. 1. Shuoba! Shuoba is a private school, particularly for learning Chinese language. Here in Shuoba, you can haveA�full-time teachers with experience in teaching Chinese as a second language, a comprehensive course system & practical curriculum. You can truly learn theA�nuances...

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